Top Spot of the Week: Droga5, Directors Lindsay & Martin Show "Resolve" To Find The Truth For The New York Times


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019


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The truth doesn’t report itself. Rather, it requires journalists with bravery, perseverance and rigor--like those at The New York Times. In this spot titled “Resolve,” that drive to uncover the truth is applied to the Myanmar Rohingya crisis.

The film features dynamic text set on top of video clips and stills that depict the story being created and the first person process of the journalist. The evolving type technique reflects the psychology and thought process of The New York Times journalist—deliberately written in headline case, it changes, moves, deletes and rewrites as we mimic the reporter’s journeys  as they chase the truth. The twists and turns of the footage and type ultimately fall into place to make up the final headline that was originally run by The New York Times.

Directed by Daniel Lindsay and TJ Martin of production house Furlined, “Resolve” is part of The New York Times campaign, “The Truth Is Worth It,” conceived by Droga5 New York.


Client The New York Times Agency Droga5 NY David Droga, creative chairman, Neil Heymann, chief creative officer; Tim Gordon, executive creative director; Laurie Howell, Toby Treyer-Evans, creative directors; Chase Kimball, copywriter; Ben Brown, jr. copywriter; Jackie Moran, jr. art director; Nate Moore, design director; Eli Hochberg, designer; Sally-Ann Dale, chief creation officer; Jessi Brihn, director of film production; Ruben Mercadal, associate director of film production; Topher Cochrane, Brandon Chen, sr. producers, film; Holly Schussler, associate producer, film; Mike Ladman, music supervisor; Jonny Bauer, global chief strategy officer; Harry Roman-Torres, head of strategy; Nick Maschmeyer, strategy director. Production Furlined Daniel Lindsay, TJ Martin, directors; Diane McArter, president; Ben Davies, exec producer/director of development; David Thorne, exec producer. Editorial Final Cut Jim Helton, editor; Chris Rizzo, Sophie Solomon, Alyce Muhammed, assistant editors; Sarah Roebuck, exec producer; Penny Ensley, head of production; Lareysa Smith, producer. Postproduction Significant Others Alek Rost, Kyra Hendricks, producers; Phil Brooks, animator; Dirk Greene, creative director; Betty Cameron, Jenna DeAngelis VFX artists. Color Company 3 Tom Poole, sr. colorist; Sophie Borup, colorist; Alexandra Lubrano, producer. Music Danny Bensi, Sauder Jurriaans, composers. Sound Wave Studios NY Aaron Reynolds, Ed Downham, sound designers/mixers; Vicky Ferraro, exec producer.

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