Top Spot of the Week: Floyd Russ Directs "Meet me Halfway" For SK-II, Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019


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Directed by Floyd Russ from Tool of North America for agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore, the online documentary Meet me Halfway--sponsored by global skincare brand SK-II--follows the real-life stories of three young single Chinese women as they bravely take on the daunting first steps of reaching out to their parents after years of avoiding and not returning home during holidays due to marriage pressure. 

Many single women in China find themselves having to choose between living up to their parents and society’s expectations regarding marriage timelines, and their own dreams and aspirations. Avoiding Chinese New Year has become a growing phenomenon among young single Chinese women as a result. For a young single Chinese woman, curious questions that arise from parents and relatives about boyfriends, marriage and even children during the week-long festivities create a suffocating and unbearable environment of pressure and urgency.

Gaining widespread exposure in China, this short film takes viewers to the heart of the matter, candidly showing the women’s first attempts of opening up to their parents about their lives and the marriage pressure they have been dealing with. Through meeting halfway, both literally (geographically) and figuratively, daughters begin to see their parents in a different light and come to the realization that the questions from their parents causing their burden were coming from a place of love and genuine care. Through bridging daughters and parents and facilitating an open dialogue about marriage pressure, SK-II hopes to provide a platform where mutual understanding can be achieved to empower women to make their own choice, in their own time.


Client SK-II Agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore John Bergdahl, art director; Joakim Labraaten, copywriter; Jason Feng, designer; Alexander Blidner, producer, film. Production Tool of North America Floyd Russ, director; Brad Johns, Nancy Hacohen, exec producers; Andy Coverdale, producer; Christophe Collette, DP. Editorial Cabin Editing Company Isaac Chen, editor. Audio Lime Studios

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