Top Spot of the Week: Forsman & Bodenfors, RadicalMedia Director Mollie Mills Craft "Timelines" Docuseries For SK-II


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2019


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Global skincare brand SK-II and journalist Katie Couric have launched “Timelines,” a docuseries that explores the evolving and controversial topic of marriage pressure and societal expectations that women face globally.

“Timelines” is the latest campaign from agency Forsman & Bodenfors, Singapore,  within #ChangeDestiny, an ongoing global platform to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny. As part of this platform, SK-II sheds light on the “box” women all over the world are put in to due to societal norms and lends voice to the pressures they face to be the perfect woman in society’s eyes.

In “Timelines,” Couric travels to Japan, China, Korea and her home country, the U.S., to explore the pressures put on women by their families and society, and spark a conversation on marriage pressure and the unique role it plays in their life timelines. She uncovers the dreams and aspirations of four brave young women, and learns how these clash with the societal and cultural expectations coming from the ones who love them most.

The docuseries installments, all directed by Millie Mills of RadicalMedia, include this one in Seoul introducing us to Nara and her mother, Soon. Nara, an artist and influencer, and her mom love each other very much but live in two different worlds. Together they try to navigate what it means to follow your own timeline in a country rapidly changing but grappling with traditional values.

Each sees the other’s timeline as envisioned for how Nara’s life will ideally unfold. By exploring these two distinctly different timelines, understanding and dialogue are promoted between the two of them.


Client SK-II Agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore Johanna Hofman-Bang, art director; Kalle Akestam, copywriter; Andrea Kellerman, designer; Jason Feng, motion graphics. Production RadicalMedia Mollie Mills, director; Jim Bouvet, exec producer; Josh Barwick, line producer; Steven Kostyo, production supervisor; Jordan Buck, DP; Laura Ochoa, set designer. Postproduction Outpost Digital Brendan Hermes, exec producer; Greg Netter, producer; Grace McIntee, Lilli Rose Lyons, Emmanuel Asamere, editors; Dana Nyberg, assistant editor; Josh Kanuck, Yohance Brown, Matthew Mascia, Matthew Schwab, colorists; James Uminowicz, producer; Arniesha Williams, associate producer; Whitney Yannacci, postproduction coordinator; Alexandre Santoro, lead technical engineer; Sante Ferrante, machine room operator; Gino Volpe, jr. postproduction technician; Michael D. Perio, sr. producer; Kendra Darrow, associate producer. Music Leland Music Edward Chritchley, composer.

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