Top Spot of the Week: Goodby, Director Lance Acord, a52 Bring “E.T.” Back To Earth For Comcast Xfinity


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019


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The beloved movie alien E.T. has come back to Earth, this time reuniting with his friend Elliott, who is now an adult with kids of his own.

Elliott’s family shows E.T. how to surf the web via Comcast Xfinity and use a remote to play holiday movies on a big-screen television. In return, Elliott teaches the kids some tricks of his own, most notably how to fly, literally, on their bicycles.

Lance Acord of Park Pictures directed and shot the live action for Goodby Silverstein & Partners, with visual effects from the a52 studio. 


Client Comcast Xfinity Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Jeff Goodby, co-chairman; Jim Elliott, executive creative director; Tristan Graham, Felipe Lima, creative directors; James Horner; executive producer & associate partner; Ricardo Uribe, Eduardo Quadra, associate creative directors; Kateri McLucas, producer; Lily Durston, associate producer; Andrew Butte, content creative. Live Action Park Pictures Lance Acord, director/DP; Caroline Kousidonis, Scott Howard, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, exec producers; Jo Carkner, production designer. VFX a52 Patrick Murphy, VFX supervisor; Andrew Romatz, CG supervisor; Andy McKenna, Andy Barrios, Urs Furrer, Stefan Gaillot, Matt Sousa, Steve Wolff, Richard Hirst, Adam Flynn, Michael Vaglienty, Enid Dalkoff, Patrick Poulatian, Shauna Prescott, Kevin Stokes, Chris Riley, James Buongiorno, 2D VFX artists; Ariana Ziae Mohseni, Caleb Ollivant, 3D leads; Aemilia Widodo, Josh Dyer, Jaemin Lee, Mike Di Nocco, Quinton Woodson, Evan Mayfield, Sarah Wolfe, Dustin Mellum, Tim Kadowaki, Joao Rosa, Robert Kim, Colton Smrz, Michael Cardenas, Greg Gutkin, Joe Paniagua, Tom Briggs, Bryan Cox, Paulo deAlmada, Jose Limon, 3D artists; Ram Bhat, Jie Zhou, Zach Mandt, matte painters; Joe Chiechi, Michael Bettinardi, Michael Cardenas, Joey Bettinardi, tracking; Chris Riley, Sam Kolber, John Valle, online editors; Michael Steinmann, Jillian Lynes, producers; Patrick Nugent, Kim Christensen, exec producers; Jennifer Sofio Hall, managing director. (Toolbox: Flame, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Maya, Vray, Nuke) Design Studio Elastic Nadia Tzuo, creative director; Steven Do, Trix Taylor, Brian Hayes, Jim Pearce, animators & compositors; Dustin Mellum, Bryan Cox, 3D generalists; Jazeel Gayle, producer; Luke Colson, exec producer; Kate Berry, head of production; Jennifer Sofio Hall, managing director. Color a52 Gregory Reese, colorist; Corey Martinez, Aaron Flickinger, Dylan Bursick, color assistants; Jenny Bright, color producer; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer. Editorial Exile Kirk Baxter, editor; Zaldy Lopez, Kyle Behrens, Ersin Dogruer, assistant editors; Brittany Carson, producer; CL Weaver, exec producer. Audio Post Lime

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