Top Spot of the Week: Jim Jenkins Directs, Q Department Scores "A Cautionary Tale" For Squarespace


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019


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The dynamic power of social media to generate attention is exemplified in this Squarespace short film featuring Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch who is content to lay around in his garbage can surrounded by trash. But one person’s trash is another’s treasure as an admirer is taken by Oscar’s environment, seeing it as a work of art which she posts online, striking a responsive chord with the world at large.

Suddenly Oscar via his Squarespace website is a famous, revered artist--much to his chagrin; until he realizes that he’s more miserable than ever as a result, which he comes to like.

Jim Jenkins of O Positve directed this short titled “A Cautionary Tale” for Squarespace’s in-house agency. Q Department handled music and sound design, with audio post from Digital Arts.


Client Squarespace Agency In-House Creative, Squarespace David Lee, chief creative officer; Ben Hughes, director of brand creative; Leilanni Todd, Tim Scales, creative/sr. art directors; Matt McCarron, creative/sr. copywriter; Sandra Nam, director of creative production; Amy Kommatas, head of production/brand; Jen McKenzie, creative producer. Production O Positive Jim Jenkins, director; Stuart Dryburgh, DP; Julian LaVerdiere, production designer; Marc Grill, executive producer/line producer. Editorial Arcade Geoff Hounsell, editor; Jeff Lopus, assistant editor; Sila Soyer, exec producer; Andrew Cravotta, producer. Finishing/VFX Method Studios Doug Luka, VFX supervisor; Steve Morris, lead VFX artist; Graham Dunglinson, exec producer; Irka Seng, producer. Color Company 3 Tom Poole, colorist; Alexandra Lubrano, color producer. Music/Sound Design Q Department, New York Audio Post Digital Arts, New York Josh Heilbronner, mixer.

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