Top Spot of the Week: Johannes Leonardo, RESET Director Adam Hashemi Work Under Pressure For VW


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022


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It’s said that pressure can be good. It’s stress that’s bad. Case in point--pressure is needed to get water through a hose. But stress on a hose can cause breakage that prevents the smooth flow of water.

Thus pressure vs. stress is a key distinction. And in this spot for Volkswagen from agency Johannes Leonardo, we see how pressure has over time driven soccer star Christian Pulisic to excel.

Entitled “Diamonds,” this :60 tells a shared story of taking on pressure to create something meaningful and impactful. Pulisic is an elite athlete under pressure to perform. It’s a pressure he’s felt his own life--and it’s once again present on the road to the FIFA World Cup this fall.

Similarly VW is under pressure to protect and preserve our environment--to change the world through the innovation of electric vehicles.

Indeed how we handle the pressure dictates if we succeed and what we create. After all, diamonds are a result of pressure. And this commercial shows the positive side of working through pressure to move to a brighter future--Pulisic as captain of the U.S. Men’s National Team. And VW with the assembly of its all-electric ID.4 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Diamonds” was directed by Adam Hashemi of RESET Content.


Client Volkswagen Group of America Agency Johannes Leonardo, New York Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico, co-founders & co-creative chairmen; Julia Neumann, chief creative officer; Jonathan Santana, group creative director; Carolyn Davis, creative director/art director; Matthew Page, creative director/copywriter; Charles Watlington, design director; Olga Vladova, associate design director; Maria Perez, head of production; Rebecca O’Neill, group executive producer; Victoria Bennett, executive producer; Grace Kenney, producer; Mary Bakarich, group strategy director; Cooper Lemon, communications strategy director; Brendan Chareoncharutkun, Matthew Choi, sr. strategists. Production Company RESET Content Adam Hashemi, director; Dave Morrison, managing director; Jen Beitler, exec producer. Production Services Company, U.K. Arts & Sciences, UK Ewen Brown, line producer; Eigil Bryld, DP; Christian Friedland, production designer; Mr Gammon, costume designer. Editorial Exile Edit Jacob Schulsinger, lead editor; Anchor Mak, assistant editor; Sasha Hirschfeld, managing partner; Grace Hammerstein, producer. Finish/VFX/Color Grade Blacksmith Tom Bussell, VFX supervisor; Kshitij Khanna, lead compositor; Yebin Ahn, Robert Bruce, Jacob Slutsky, compositors; Olivier Varteressian, Tuna Unalan, CG leads; Jackie Liao, Kushal Das, Michael Marsek, Wei-Ting Duo, Nick Owoyemi, Cathy Phan, Rik Walia, Sung Joon Kim, CG team; Mikey Pehanich, colorist; Sam Howells, color assistant; Charlotte Arnold, exec producer; Ashley Goodwin, producer. Audio Post Sonic Union Steve Rosen, Rob DiFondi, mix engineers; Justine Cortale, audio post studio director; Joey Glick, mix assistant. Sound Design Trinitite Inc. Brian Emrich, sound designer & mix engineer. Music Leland Music Ed Bailie, managing director/music supervisor; Toby Williams, director/music supervisor; Dan Deacon, composer. Licensed music: “Weeping Birch”

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