Top Spot of the Week: SMUGGLER's Mark Molloy Directs Apple's "The Whole Working-From-Home Thing"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jul. 14, 2020


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Earlier this year Mark Molloy of production house SMUGGLER earned a DGA Award nomination in the Commercials category for Apple’s The Underdogs. Introduced in that humorous short was a group of co-workers--aka the Underdogs--faced with a daunting project which they were able to achieve with the support of Apple technology.

Now the Underdogs are back--but now they’re working from home during the pandemic quarantine, making their latest job all the more challenging. The Underdogs are navigating the new normal--once more under the direction of Molloy--but again with the help of Apple, enabling them to unleash their creativity and productivity even when working from home.

It’s still a world of deadlines, meetings, group chats, conference calls, coworkers, and bosses. But it’s also a world of kids, a dog, and a hairless cat. And it’s a world where collaboration never misses a beat, whether the team uses iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, or all of the above. Working from home (or working from anywhere) isn’t new, but what you can make happen together is.

The Underdogs return in Apple’s The Whole Working-From-Home Thing.


Client Apple Production SMUGGLER Mark Molloy, director; Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody, Sue Yeon Ahn, executive producers; Greig Fraser, DP; Monica Wilkins, freelance exec producer; Anthony Dimino, assistant director; Arlene McGann, line producer; Jason Hougaard, production designer; Michelle Martini, costumes. Editorial Work Editorial Neil Smith, Stewart Reeves, editors. VFX a52 Urs Furrer, VFX supervisor. Cast Stephen Young, Mia Schauffler, Amy Burzak, Edward Mawere, Beth Fraser.

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