Top Spot of the Week: Traktor Directs Garden Joy Ride For HORNBACH, Heimat Berlin


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Mar. 25, 2022


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Project hardware store HORNBACH released its spring campaign from agency Heimat Berlin--the centerpiece of which is this film directed by Swedish collective Traktor via Stink Berlin.

Titled “Unleashed,” this madcap two-minute-plus commercial shows what can happen if you don’t look after your garden in spring: It will simply find its own way to the nearest HORNBACH store--even if it must steal your car to get there. Not surprisingly, chaos ensues, including illegal car races and vomiting bushes. 

With the slogan “Come to HORNBACH. Before your garden does,” the campaign will be visible on all channels, from OOH to social media. It’s launching with a handful of six-second long complementary trailers referring to the film in its full length on digital channels. The long version of 2:14 minutes will be shown on regular TV, along with the 30- and 45-second adverts. Airing, for example, during the night of the Oscars, at half-time of international sports matches, and naturally at the cinema.


Client HORNBACH Agency Heimat Berlin Guido Heffels, Marlon Fischer, creative directors, copywriters; Traktor, copywriter; Kerstin Heffels, producer. Production Stink Berlin Traktor, director, producer; Moritz Merkel, exec producer; Anthony Dod Mantle, DP; Florian Hülbig, production coordinator. Postproduction/VFX Katalyst Steffen Röthinger, VFX supervisor; Philipp Fehling, lead Flame artist; Chris Bleier, Mike Robinson, Thomas Hansen, Christian Schrills, Sam Hencher, artists.  Editorial Final Cut, London Rick Russell, editor; James Stubbs, editor assistant; Nikki Porter, producer. Color Grade Company 3 Jean-Clement Soret, colorist; Ellora Soret, producer. Production Services Company Labhouse Flora Fernandez Marengo, exec producer; Nati Mussolana, producer; Pat Rzeznik, production manager; Matias Boldt, 1st AD; Sebastian Serra, production designer; Andy Lehmann, prop master; Gaby Ferreyra Montes, set decorator; Marisa Wehit, makeup/hair; Abril Bellati, costume designer. Puppeteers Gustavo Garabito, Patricio Crom, Paula Vidal.. Music Finger Music and Sound Design Sound Design Dan Corbin, Mike Austin, composers; Clare McGrath, producer. Sound Machine Sound Alex Bingham, sr. sound designer; Nigel Mannington, sound designer; Amber Clayton, producer. Additional Sound Design & Final Mix The Loft David Arnold, final mix; Cerstin Cassidy, producer. 

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