Trailer For Writer/Director Will Kindrick's Tribeca Short "Storm"


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, May. 2, 2019


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Will Kindrick (who's handled for spots, branded content and music videos by RadicalMedia) wrote and directed a short film titled "Storm" which was selected for this year's Tribeca Film Festival. This is the trailer for that short which takes us to a not-to-distant future where relationship compatibility is determined by an advanced algorithm enforced by the federal government. Participation is mandatory and users  must be paired with, or reassigned, to their ideal partner within one year or be transitioned to a permanent single lifestyle facility.

After a series of incompatible matches, and time closing in, Blake (portrayed by John Bubniak) is accidentally launched through a series of turbulent splash portals when his matching device malfunctions in his bathtub, sending him through a whirlwind of glitches in this ill-fated waterlogged story.


Will Kindrick, writer/director/producer; David Vollrath, cinematographer, producer; John Edwards Curtis, producer; John Bubniak, Corey Potter, lead actors.

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