Traktor Directs “Kazoo” For Facebook, Wieden+Kennedy


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Apr. 8, 2020


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If there’s a Facebook Group for kazoo-playing enthusiasts, there’s definitely a Facebook Group for you. That’s the message of this charmingly funny spot, “Kazoo,” directed by the Traktor collective via production house Stink for Wieden+Kennedy. 

Squeak E. Clean Studios handled music, sound design and audio post.


Client Facebook Groups Agency Wieden+Kennedy Dan Viens, creative director. Production Stink Films Traktor, director Rachel Curl, exec producer. Editorial Rock Paper Scissors Lauren Dellara Music/Sound Squeak E. Clean Studios, Culver City, Calif. Sam Spiegel, executive creative director; Rob Barbato, creative director; Zac Colwell, arranger; Drew Fischer, sound designer; Christina Carlo, exec producer; Amanda Patterson, sr. producer; Johanna Cranitch, producer. Audio Post Squeak E. Clean Studios Drew Fischer, mixer.

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