Valiant Pictures' Directors Vincent Lin and Danny Corey Scoop Up HISTORY


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021


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We go about our daily lives without much thought to the history behind inventions large and small, from the ice cream scoop to modern-day democracy. The HISTORY Channel and creative agency/production company Valiant Pictures turn the seemingly every day on its head in a fun campaign where unsuspecting citizens meet the historical counterparts who made their lives what it is today. 

In these repeatable vignettes, historical figures appear in modern settings as a comedic device to reveal History’s most intriguing true stories, hidden in plain sight. The campaign aims to target a younger audience--situating each spot in places the viewer may see themselves--with an approachable, modern and entertaining brand perception.

In this particular ad--directed by Vincent Lin and Danny Corey of Valiant Pictures--we meet a man at a backyard birthday party. It turns out he is Alfred L. Cralle, inventor of the ice cream scoop. We hear a bit of his story and end with the realization that “the rest is history.”


Client HISTORY Tim Nolan, executive creative director; Matt Neary, brand lead; Mary Traina, creative director/writer; Kate Leonard, VP, marketing production; Sarah Walker, EP, marketing production. Production Valiant Pictures Vincent Lin, director/founding partner/EP; Danny Corey, director/DP; Matthew D’Amato, founding partner, EP; Adam Zimmer, EP; Jack Noone, producer; Nick Horton, production designer; Amanda Markoya, hair & makeup; Linette Del Monico. wardrobe. Editorial BANDIT Zeke O’Donnell, editor; Chris McNinch, assistant editor; Laura Relovsky, EP; Doris Boroje, post producer; Stephen Picano, colorist. Audio Post Mr. Bronx Eric Hoffman, mixer.

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