Veloz, Director Eric André, Superconductor Bust EV Myths With Sasquatch 


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 23, 2022


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Sasquatch, Martians, a unicorn and the tooth fairy all climb into an EV. No, it’s not a joke. These are stars of Veloz’s latest and timely Electric For All education campaign, “Myths Busting Myths,” which uses humor and our favorite mythical characters to debunk the fairytales and disinformation that are holding people back from choosing to go electric--whether that’s to own, rent or rideshare an EV.

“There is no better time for us to bust EV myths,” said Josh D. Boone, executive director of nonprofit EV proponent Veloz. “More people than ever before are choosing to go electric and unprecedented industry and public investments will make EVs more accessible for all. A lot of consumers are EV-curious, but a knowledge gap has led to myths that cause them to hesitate. This campaign will bust those EV myths for good.”

“The industrywide EV lineup is growing more and more diverse each year,” said David Hochschild, chair of the California Energy Commission and Veloz public policy board member. “There is major pent-up demand from consumers in the market for a new car. This campaign is designed to inspire the next wave of confident, informed buyers that are ready to make the move to an EV that fits their unique lifestyle.”

Targeting California consumers, the ad campaign--including this spot featuring Sasquatch--lifts the veil on perceived barriers and overcomes disinformation in a way that’s fun, engaging and entertaining. Featuring live-action, practical and visual effects that bring well-known myths to life, the commercials were directed by Eric André, stand-up comedian, actor, producer, television host and writer most known for his Netflix movie “Bad Trip” and his comedy series “The Eric André Show.”

A technologically inclined Sasquatch shows how easy it is to plug in and charge while out and about. With EVs now going 200+ miles between charges, you don’t need to plug in that often. And, when you do, chargers are increasingly common, with almost 80,000 public charging stations available across the state of California and over 140,000 nationwide, with more on the way. Thus Sasquatch helps dispel the myth that public EV charging stations are hard to find.


Client Veloz Agency Superconductor Chris Adams, chief creative officer; Allison Amon, president; Ron Schlessinger, creative director/copywriter; Adam Bice, creative director/art director; Reha Baydar, designer; Mike Prochaska, writer; Derek Mosher, programming & animation. Production PF100 Eric Andre, director; Malcolm Wax, exec producer; Raul Collins, photographer; Jonathan Dawes, producer. Editorial Cartel Sophie Lou, editor; Nick Bruce, assistant editor; Caylee Banz, producer. VFX & Finish TRANSFORMER Gail Butler, producer; Casey Price, VFX supervisor; Chris Homel, lead Flame.

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