Wunderman Thompson, Director Amber Grace Johnson Honor "Our State of Unitedness" On 20th Anniversary of 9/11


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021


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As we honor the 20-year remembrance of the September 11th tragedy, this film for 9/11 Day--directed by Amber Grace Johnson of production house Object & Animal for agency Wunderman Thompson--reminds us that what we have in common as human beings--our love and concern for each other--far outweighs in importance the differences and disagreements that separate us from time to time.

This #911Day, help out a friend, colleague, or stranger with an act of kindness. Any good deed, big or small, can have an enormous impact. #ShineALight

Titled “Our State of Unitedness: A Tribute for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, the film featured the Bruce Springsteen song “The Rising,” with Yessian serving as the music house.


Client 9/11 Day Agency Wunderman Thompson, New York Taras Wayner, chief creative officer, North America; Jill Applebaum, chief creative officer, NY; Peepo David, creative director; Saedi Burke, associate creative director; Angela Barber, SVP content production, North America; Ilene Kramer, sr. content producer; Paul Greco, executive director of music & audio. Production Object & Animal, Marina del Rey, Calif. Amber Grace Johnson, director; Arseni Khachaturan, DP; Justin Beoliel, James Cunningham, Emi Stewart, exec producers. Editorial Whitehouse Post Oliver Best, editor; Jordan McAfee-Hahn, assistant editor; Lucia Villalta, producer. VFX Carbon VFX Mike Roy, lead Flame; Carmen Maxcy, Flame operator; Tara Burgoyne Elliot, producer; Matthew McManus, exec producer. Music “The Rising” by Bruce Springsteen (Universal Music Publishing) Music Yessian Music, New York Dan Zank, arranger, Gerard Smerek, creative director/engineer/mixer; Marlene Bartos, exec producer; Brian Yessian, chief creative officer; Michael Yessian, head of production. Audio Post Sound Lounge Peter Holcomb, partner/audio mixer; Rob Sayers, sr. audio mixer; Dana Villarreal, sr. producer.

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