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Zombie Studio, GTB Brazil Help "Gears" Mesh For Ford Trucks


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018


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Agency GTB Brazil teamed with Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo, to create this animation film titled “Gears.” The action depicts different situations which take place within a large gear. For each story, the gear’s parts interact with the characters, helping them.

Part of the gear delivers a wedding ring to a couple of grooms. A lamp is given to a little girl studying under candlelight. A boy who dreams of being a soccer player receives a football boot to fulfill his dream. A bored old couple gets a phonograph that motivates them to dance happily, reminding them of a great past. A grandfather missing his granddaughter receives a tablet from the gear to connect with her.

At the end of the film, the camera zooms out and reveals that everything has passed inside the engine gear of a Ford truck. The signature concludes: “Stories to be unboxed.”

“This film is a big thank you for all that truckers do for people. Often, they do not even realize it. The job is 100% focused on this audience but has the potential to thrill everyone through its history and aesthetics,” said Rodrigo Strozenberg, creative director at GTB Brazil.

Paulo Garcia, co-founder and chief creative of Zombie Studio, directed “Gears,” teaming with animation director Bruno Monteiro.


Client Ford Motor Company/Ford Trucks Agency GTB Brazil Production Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil Paulo Garcia, director; Natalia Gouvea, exec producer; Vanderlei Santana, producer. Visual Effects/Animation Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil Paulo Garcia, director; Bruno Monteiro, animation director; Yohann da Geb, head of CG; Regis Fernandez, photographer (Toolbox: Maya, Arnold, Zbrush, After Effects) Color Pshyco n look Marcio Pasqaualino, color grading. Sound A89 Audio

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