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Connecting the Industry for over 60 years!
SHOOT connects commercial & entertainment buyers & sellers of creative, production, postproduction & business services to the latest industry news & trends, best new work and EACH OTHER, and has been since 1960!!  Our mandate for more than six decades has been to provide readers with a combination of news reporting, artistic & creative perspectives, and meaningful information affecting the bread and butter of their businesses to provide food for thought to assist them in making informed creative, producton and business decisions.  

SHOOT is pleased to present a variety of great advertising options for every budget to reach our audience of Film, TV & Commercial Production and Post Decision-makers...
>The SHOOT>e.dition (weekly email newsletter every Friday)
>The SHOOT Dailies (Daily email newsletter M-F)
>SHOOT Custom Email Blasts
>SHOOT Magazine:
5 Print/PDF Issues 
(PDF Issues are posted on SHOOTonline for 50,000 monthly visitors to view/download and are emailed to 22,000 subscribers.)
Stand Out From The Crowd
In today's highly competitive environment, getting noticed by production and postproduction decision-makers at Agencies, Brands, TV/Cable/Online/Mobile Networks, and movie studios and by executives and artisans at production & post companies is no easy feat.  Because your potential clients read SHOOTonline, The SHOOT>e.dition, The SHOOT Dailies and SHOOT Magazine to stay connected to what's going on in the industry and to learn about resources and options important to their everyday business and future growth, marketing in SHOOT ensures that your message will reach them.  Advertise in SHOOT to let prospective clients know why they should connect with you.

SHOOT's audience includes...
>At Agencies: Ad Agency Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors & other creative titles, Heads of Production/Integrated Production & Producers
>At Brands: Brand managers, production & marketing execs
>At Movie studios, TV/Cable/Online networks: Production & marketing execs
>Independent filmmakers & at production, post, editing, VFX, animation, music & sound companies: Executives & Artisans, including, Owners, Managing Directors, Exec Producers, Producers, Showrunners, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, Visual Effects Supervisors /artists, Animation artists, Production Designers, Composers, Sound Designers, Audio Mixers, etc

Choose Your Message...
Market your established company; announce your company launch, new division, new location, new partner, new hires; promote your full talent roster or individual experienced or emerging artisans; showcase new work, creative & business services, hardware & software sales & rental; announce industry award & film fest nominations and honors. "For Your Consideration," "Thank You," and "Congratulations" become effective marketing messages within SHOOT's print and digital pages. Your Ad in SHOOT provides a high-impact direct link to the decision-makers you need to reach.  Our digital and print platforms are packed with informative, timely & relevant news and features exploring the wonderful, crazy, challenging and exhilarating industry you are part of, providing an ideal environment that is highly conducive to your brand identity, sales, call to action and announcement messages!

...then let us help you promote it in your SHOOT Platform of Choice
Reach potential clients in the SHOOT print and digital formats they connect with every day.  Whether you combine print & digital for a powerful integrated marketing approach or choose one platform to concentrate on, we can help you put together a tailor-made and cost-effective campaign to reach them.

Here's a brief run-down on SHOOT's digital and print marketing options:

> website
Constant news coverage, features, interviews, and new work!
Monthly Stats: 50,000+ unique monthly visitors
Banner sizes:
>Billboard: 970x250
>Large Leaderboard: 970x90
>Leaderboard: 728x90
>Side Half Page: 300x250
>Side Half Page: 300x600
>Mid Horizontal: 468x60
The above banners are also available in expandable sizes.
>Interstitial 600x500up to 800x550
>Wallpaper/Skin Top 1110 x 250 + left & right 300x up to 1250
>Floor (also known as Catfisher) 970x90
Click Here for Digital Ad Specs
File formats: JPEG, GIF, Animated Gif, HTML5
Purchase Options: Monthly and weekly; banners can start any day of the week.

>The SHOOT>e.dition weekly HTML email newsletter
Received by 22,000 opt-In subscribers, every Friday, your banner goes directly into potential clients' in-boxes along with the week's news & information!
Banner sizes include:
Top: 468x60
Side: 180x150
Side skyscraper: 180x600
Bottom: 468x60
File formats:  JPEG, GIF, Animated Gif.
Purchase Options: Monthly and weekly.

>The SHOOT>Dailies daily (M-F) HTML email newsletter
Received by 3,500 opt-In subscribers, M-F, your banner goes directly into potential clients' in-boxes along with the day's news & information!
Banner sizes include:
Top: 728x90
Side: 180x150
Side skyscraper: 180x600
File formats:  JPEG, GIF, Animated Gif.
Purchase Options: weekly (5 days M-F)

>SHOOT Custom Email Blasts
Reach SHOOT's complete email database of over 40,000 with your custom email blast.  Sent via our own email marketing service, Mitto Mail that is used to send SHOOT’s email newsletters and promotion. SHOOT's Custom Email Blast service has been utilized by all types of production & technology companies and services, movie studios and film commissions to promote Guild screenings for films during Academy Season, industry events, locations, stock footage, equipment and more.
Specs: HTML copy & image 600-700wide x up to 1500 long pixels)

SHOOT Magazine Print & PDF Issues - A Print Ad with SHOOT is much more than just a Print Ad!
Five Issues per year - providing great opportunities to make a splash with your marketing message.  The PDF version of your Ad will appear in the PDF version of the issue that is posted on SHOOTonline for additional readers to view/download at no charge and is emailed to 22,000 opt-in subscribers.  We embed live link to your website in the PDF version.
>Click Here to see PDF versions of past Print Issues
>Click Here to see the web version of the email blast sent out to alert readers that new Issue was available
Advertising options include:
>Ad sizes ranging from a 1/4 page to a Full Page. 
>Sponsored Content: marketing package that includes editorial participation, print & digital marketing
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