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Here's a look at what's coming up in the February/March Issue...

The Road to Oscar, Part 8
SHOOT continues its 16-part “The Road To Oscar" series where we take a look at what to expect during the upcoming season and what films and artisans are already creating Oscar buzz. We'll gain insights from directors, cinematographers, editors, etc.  We 
connect with Oscar contenders spanning directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, composers, sound designers, production designers and more during an awards season that’s shaping up like no other.
Among those profiled in this installment are:
>Paul Greengrass, director, News of the World (Universal Pictures). Greengrass is a past Best Directing Oscar nominee for United 93.
>George Clooney, director, actor, producer, The Midnight Sky (Netflix). Clooney is a two-time Oscar winner, taking Best Picture honors as a producer on Argo, and earning Best Supporting Actor distinction for Syriana. He’s been nominated six other times, including for both his directing and writing on Good Night and Good Luck.
>Joshua James Richards who did double duty on Nomadland (Searchlight Pictures), serving as its cinematographer and production designer.
>Additional names TBA

Ad Agency Feature - Super Bowl Ads: Monday Morning Quarterbacking
Continuing a tradition, SHOOT sounds out creatives whose agencies did not have any commercials on this year’s Super Bowl to get their assessments of what worked, what didn’t and any trends they saw in this year’s crop of Big Game ads. Super Sunday 2021 looms as the most challenging ever for brands, agencies and production companies given the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic woes have made significant advertisers less bullish on a megabuck Super Sunday investment. Still, the Big Game is most attractive as it figures to again deliver a mega audience, which is increasingly rare in this era of media fragmentation. There are other pandemic-related concerns as well. Will a comedy ad seem tone deaf with hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from the coronavirus? On the flip side, a somber commercial could come across as depressing during a time when there’s quite a bit to be down about. Finding the right tone from such options as humorous, lighthearted, socially conscious and/or inspirational gives the creative community a delicate balancing act to maintain, particularly with sharp divides over public health policy relative to COVID, a contentious presidential election and its conspiracy theory-fraught, insurrection-plagued aftermath serving to further polarize the nation. Just as there will no stadium packed with fans, the Super Bowl audience across the country will also be different in that big parties and social gatherings tied to the game figure to be few and far between--at least among those who take the warnings of epidemiologists and frontline healthcare professionals seriously. So we will be apart socially while divided ideologically, making for a tough audience to connect with. Or perhaps it’s a golden creative opportunity as the Super Bowl can allow us to put aside differences for a few hours and just enjoy the game, rooting for a team while in the big picture for a change feeling like we’re all on the same team.
Our lineup of experts will analyze how the industry did; included are:
>Names TBA             

Television: Awards Preview
While Oscar dominates this portion of the awards season calendar, that’s no reason to give short shrift to the TV community, even with the Emmys quite a ways down the road. SHOOT takes a look at the TV/streaming nominees for the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes, previewing both competitions and touching base with some in the running for top honors.

Cinematographers & Cameras
Leading DPs provide insights into their work, camera choices, collaborative relationships with directors and other artisans, and much more. Scheduled to shed light on the art of cinematography are:
>Darius Wolski, ASC discusses lensing News of the World which marks his first collaboration with director Paul Greengrass.
>Additional names TBA

Sundance: It's A Wrap 
A look at the films that made their mark in competition at the Sundance Film Festival.
>Names TBA

Chat Room

Hot Locations Column
Film commission, lensing and incentive developments impacting feature, TV, commercial, music video, short film and interactive production.

Music Notes Column
News & developments from the world of  Music & Sound

VFX & Animation Column
The latest in Visual Effects & Animation

Toolbox Column
Technology/equipment news

Workflow, Post & Cameras Sponsored Feature
Complete package with 1/2 Page 4C Print Ad: $1,750. (media/promotion value: $5,000.)
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SHOOT's past Workflow Solutions Sponsored Features were a big hit so we're excited to publish this hugely popular feature again. Companies eligible to participate: camera manufacturers (can talk about advances in camera technology with insights into cameras used to create recent great work), post executives (can talk about the workflow solutions they offer and executives at Production/Post Workflow and Storage solutions companies (can talk about the products & services they offer).  This feature will provide valuable information about your company to potential clients! Participating in this feature provides sponsor companies with high profile industry exposure via the article that will appear in PDF format and online with links to it in our Daily and weekly email newsletter, press release on the SPW with distribution that includes weekly email newsletter, social media and RSS fee.  Sponsorship:  SHOOT editor to interview company executive for the feature, PDF & Digital Advertising Package that will drive customers to your site for more information. 
Links to some of our past Sponsored Workflow features... 
Past Feature sponsored by: Arc 9, ARRI Rental, Company 3, Shotgun 
Print version, starts on page 16:  
Digital version:
Past Feature sponsored by EC3, FotoKem, MTI Film, Prime Focus Technologies/dax
Print version, starts on page 14: 
Digital version:
Past Feature sponsored by Eizo and Sony
Print version, starts on page 16:  
Digital version:
Past Feature  sponsored by Quantum and SGL
Print version, starts on page 16: 
Digital version:
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