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SHOOT Magazine's Next Issue is the October/November Issue (issue out 10/26) 
Advertising Deadlines:
Space Reservations:  10/14
Ad PDf File Due:        10/19 (final extension: Monday, 10/22)
Bonus Distribution:

  1. International Cinematographer's Guild (ICG's) Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA) Awards
  2. American Film Market (AFM) Location Expo
  3. Producers Guild (PGA) Produced By NY
  4. Hollywood Professional Alliance (HPA) Awards

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Bonus #2:
>Place a 1/4 or 1/3 page Ad & you'll get space for a 180x150 Banner on the 10/26 SHOOT>e.dition email newsletter that goes to 28,000 opt-in subscribers (value:  $375.)
>Place a 1/2 to a 3/4 page Ad & you'll get space for a 180x150 Banners on the 10/26, 10/29 special Directors>e.dition and 11/2 SHOOT>e.dition email newsletters (three banners value: $1,125.)
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Here's a look at some of what's coming up in the Issue...

Leading Directors Profile Section
Leading film, TV & commercial directors share perspectives on recent work, collaborative relationships and much more! Among those profiled will be:
>Paul Greengrass, an Best Directing Oscar nominee for United 93 and recipient of a DGA Award nod for Captain Phillips, discusses 22 July (Netflix), his feature that’s already in the Academy Awards conversation.
>John Hillcoat shares insights into Corazon, the film for Montefiore hospital out of agency JohnXHannes which earned Cannes Health & Wellness Grand Prix distinction as well as a Cannes Entertainment Gold Lion. Hillcoat directs commercials and branded content via production house Serial Pictures.
>Jake Scott reflects on American Woman, his feature which debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival. Scott also delves into how his commercialmaking at RSA informs his feature endeavors.
>Malik Vitthal of The Corner Shop discusses his Emmy-winning P&G spot "The Talk"
More names to be announced

Leading Cinematographers
Leading DPs take us behind-the-scenes on recent shoots and discuss the directors they worked with, their camera choices and more. Among those we will hear from are:
>Jeff Cronenweth, ASC who lensed director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s A Million Little Pieces (Warner Bros.), which is making its world premiere at the Toronnto International Film Festival. Cronenweth is a two-time Oscar nominee for his cinematography of the David Fincher films The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network.
>Xavier Grobet, ASC, AMC, reflects on lensing on of Facebook's first original content projects, Sorry For Your Loss.
>Chayse Irvin discusses his lensing of BlacKkKlansman and collaborating with director Spike Lee.
Additional names of those shedding light on their craft to be announced

Up-And-Coming Directors
The longstanding SHOOT tradition of searching out new talent continues with this feature interviewing a select group of emerging directors.

The Road to Oscar Series - the Prequel
Meet some of the directors, DPs, editors, production designers, composers and other artisans already generating buzz for the 2018/2019 Academy Season.  The Prequel sets the stage for this year's 15-part SHOOT Road to Oscar Series kicking off on 11/9. Among those offering insights will be:
>Editor Barry Alexander Brown, who enjoys a longstanding working relationship with filmmaker Spike Lee, discusses their latest collaboration, BlacKkKlansman (Focus Features).
>Costume designer Ruth Carter, a two-time Academy Award nominee (Amistad, Malcolm X), reflects on Black Panther, which once again has her in the Oscar conversation.
More names to be announced

SHOOT Quarterly Top Ten VFX & Animation Chart
Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the Number 1 entry and latest news & developments from the worlds of Visual Effects & Animation.

SHOOT Quarterly Top Music Tracks Chart 
And a look at the backstory behind the #1 entry plus the latest Music & Sound Industry news.

Chat Room Interview

Hot Locations Column:
Film commission, lensing and incentive developments impacting feature, TV, commercial, music video, short film and interactive production.

Advertising Deadlines
Space Reservations:  10/14
Ad PDf File Due:        10/19 (final extension: Monday, 10/22)
For Rates, Specs & Space reservations, please contact Roberta via email or at 203/227-1699, x13 - lock in your great spot today!
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