With camping season heating up, directing duo Marco Bellone and Giovanni Consonni take viewers on a breathtaking hike to highlight some top flight adventure gear from Outventure (out of agency More BBDO – Russia). Bellone+Consonni are represented in the US by Oceana Branding.

Find Your Path
In the two-minute short film titled, “Find Your Path," viewers see nature, not at its best, but at its most real. A group of friends start their adventure in the rain, with Outventure gear providing their only protection from the elements. As the weather clears, each in the group experiences their own reunion with nature. A young woman wakes up to see a fox. The hikers help each other up a hill through a woodsy path past a waterfall. As the night approaches, they build a fire and take in the moment before bedding down for the night. The next day, the trek continues, this time they sight a young doe in the clearing. The woman smiles and continues her hike. The adventurers look at maps, help each other cross streams, bathe in the water. They finally get through the woods to the coast, where they stand on a high clearing and let nature speak for itself.