Director Marc Klasfeld’s music video featuring Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth titled, “See You Again”, recently exceeded 2 billion views on YouTube. It is now trending to overtake PSY’s “Gangnam Style” in the next few months, making it the most viewed video of all time. The huge numbers are no fluke for Klasfeld, who counts involvement in four videos that have now topped the 1 billion-view mark. Mark Klasfeld directs videos through his own Rock Hard Films and is represented for commercials and branded content through The Cavalry Productions.

“See You Again”
Klasfeld’s recent hit video for Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth is the first hip-hop video to reach 2 billion views. According to him, it wasn’t nearly the most difficult video he ever directed, but it was certainly his most heartfelt. “I always try to make the best video, matching the song and the mood,” he says. “‘See You Again’ struck a chord with the death of Paul Walker. Though I shot it posthumously, millions of people, whether or not they saw Paul [Walker] in the Fast & Furious films, can relate to a sudden, heart-wrenching loss.” Klasfeld believes that his video will soon eclipse the number one viewed video of all time, PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” first released in 2012.

Crossover Ability
Marc Klasfeld is no stranger to directing music videos. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Klasfeld has directed over two hundred videos for such artists as Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Foo Fighters and Justin Bieber. He also has over 100 commercials to his credit, including work for Target, Nike, NFL, Motorola and Reebok. The key to his success is his ability to crossover, not just with artists and brands, but with audiences. “It’s about engaging the audience,” says Klasfeld. “To gain huge viewership, it’s about getting people outside a particular demographic or artist to buy in. I’ve directed hip hop, pop, rap, country and had success across all musical genres.”

Silento, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber
In addition to “See You Again”, Klasfeld is credited with three other videos that have hit the rarified YouTube billion view milestone. He directed the immensely popular dance video for Silento titled, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” which took just one year to tally over one billion views. He also executive produced (through his company Rock Hard Films) the music video for Katy Perry’s song “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, (totaling 1.5 billion views) and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, which has garnered over 1.4 billion views. One thing noticeable about each of Klasfeld’s billion view videos is the absence of profanity and nudity. Klasfeld says there’s no connection, but adds, “I do what’s best for the project, to make viewers feel a part of it.”

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