DA Music announces signing Sara Beth to a music licensing agreement on the heels of her departure on season 21 of American Idol during a live broadcast of the show on April 2, 2023. DA Music staff producer Fernando Perdomo worked with her to create a unique cover of Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets” for DA Music’s Quintessential Hits catalog.

Perdomo began hearing about Sara Beth from friends and family recommending that he work with her soon after she announced she would not continue in the American Idol competition, despite the urgings of the judges. He agreed, stating, “In a show with a lot of people following trends and not really being themselves, Sara Beth is a breath of fresh air because she was herself, she owned it, and she sang to the song.” He contacted her on Instagram immediately.

“I’ve been getting a lot of opportunities since American Idol but am selective about what I say yes to,” Sara Beth explained. “When Fernando reached out to me, saying he wanted to produce ‘Benny and the Jets’ and sent me a track, I loved it and agreed!” She lives outside Sacramento, CA, but came to LA for an interview for “Inside Edition, set to air on May 21, 2023, about her American Idol experience. The trip provided a timely opportunity for her to meet with him and record the cover at his studio, Stairway Studios, where the show shot the interview. “He and Deborah are amazing to work with, and I am so excited to be recording with Fernando and contributing more tracks for DA MusicTM.”

“I am so happy Fernando found Sara and trusted his instincts,” concluded Deborah Alexander, founder of DA MusicTM. “I was working on our Quintessential Hits catalog, which is our large volume of hit songs that our clients license for features, streaming, broadcast TV, games, and more, so to be able to add this song by such an amazing up and coming artist was perfect timing.”

Source: YouTube @ https://youtu.be/u9jI-fAw_j4

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