Director Nicholas Kleczewski Joins Chromista For Spots, Branded Content
Nicholas Kleczewski
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Creative content company Chromista has brought director Nicholas Kleczewski aboard its roster for U.S. representation spanning commercials and branded content.

Reflecting Kleczewski’s diverse range are his latest films for Audi. “Led Balloon” is a funny light-hearted romp through Audi’s entire history on a scale larger than most Super Bowl productions, and “An Avant Story” is a tear-jerker journey through life that was well received by car enthusiasts and film lovers alike. 

Prior to joining Chromista, Kleczewski had been directing independently, blending feature-like visceral intimacy and emotional resonance that is unique in the commercial and brand film space. Leveraging the skills he honed as a feature documentary and commercial editor, Kleczewski has the ability to see the big picture of any project while meticulously developing the minute details that are the secret to authenticity. Nicholas’ well rounded expertise often has brands bringing him in on a project from the start. From concept, to writing, production, and even overseeing post, he ensures the original vision is fully realized.

Sandy Haddad, executive producer at Chromista, said, “Nick is a creative powerhouse. His experience is virtually unparalleled, spanning the roles of creative director, editor, and director. Nick’s genius fully comes alive when he combines his technical background with his prowess for storytelling.”

Kleczewski said of his new Chromista colleagues, “They share my passion for deeply resonant storytelling and excellence in craft. They are refreshingly real people with no pretense or artifice, who just want to make the best work possible. If I can get to do that with these amazingly talented people supporting me, and maybe a laugh or two along the way, then the pleasure of the privilege is mine and I look forward to continuing to elevate my filmmaking with them.” 


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