Contact in the Desert (CITD), the world’s largest and most prestigious UFO/UAP conference, which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary from May 30 – June 3, 3024, at the Renaissance Resort and Spa, in Indian Wells, CA, has released this year’s Lineup of Speakers. For information about Ticket Sales to CITD ’24, please CLICK HERE

'Captain' Ron Janix, Co-Owner of CITD, said, “We are thrilled to announce our remarkable lineup of speakers for our 10th Anniversary conference! We welcome back many returning speakers, and we truly look forward to introducing many new voices to CITD as well. Our speakers will be presenting to our attendees an in-depth exploration of a wide variety of topics, all of which stand at the forefront of today’s most stimulating discussions.”

Included among CITD 2024’s Lineup of Speakers are:  

  • George Noory – Emmy Award winning Host of national Coast to Coast AM radio show
  • Richard Dolan – UFO Researcher/Author/Historian
  • George Knapp – Legendary Investigative Journalist/News Anchor
  • Dr. Avi Loeb – Harvard Professor and Theoretical Physicist
  • Thomas Jane – Actor, Author
  • Nick Pope – UK Ministry of Defence, Ret.
  • Daniel Sheehan – Disclosure Advocate & Renowned Attorney
  • Whitley Streiber – Author of Communion & ET Experiencer
  • Andrew Collins – Expert, Advanced Civilizations
  • William Henry – Investigative Mythologist, Star of TV’s Ancient Aliens
  • Linda Moulton Howe – Legendary Investigative Journalist  
  • Clyde Lewis – Host, Ground Zero Podcast
  • Dee Wallace – Actress, Conscious Creation Expert, Healer
  • Caroline Cory – Filmmaker, Author, Contributor to TV’s Ancient Aliens
  • Dave Foley – Comic Actor & Co-Host of Really??? With Tom & Dave Podcast
  • Russell Targ – Iconic Physicist, CIA Psychic Spy, Remote Viewer
  • Jason Martell – Expert on Ancient Civilization Technologies, Contributor, Ancient Aliens
  • Stephen Bassett – Veteran Disclosure Advocate, Founder, Paradigm Research Group, Executive Director, the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance
  • Paul Hynek – Professor, Futurist, Son of Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek
  • Ron James – Filmmaker, Accidental Truth, MUFON’s Media Relations Director

With the tagline “Conscious Contact” and a giant, silver “X” as its anniversary logo, CITD ’24 will present well-over 100 sessions comprised of lectures, panels, workshops and intensives from leading UFO/UAP experts. The producers of CITD ‘24 are expecting the biggest conference ever - between 2,500 – 3,500 attendees – who will hear talks by celebrated speakers curated from around the world.

Contact in the Desert has been described as a conference which takes an academic, scientific look at alternative topics. The conference stands as a beacon of intellectual discourse, dedicated to exploring the frontiers of knowledge within the realms of UFO/UAP, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Discoveries, the Future of Technology, Space Travel, and more. 

Contact in the Desert is the world’s largest UFO/UAP conference. The event will celebrate its 10th anniversary May 30 – June 3, 3024, at the Renaissance Resort and Spa, in Indian Wells, CA. Co-Owners 'Captain' Ron Janix and Gordon Pekrul acquired CITD in 2023.

The annual event presents renowned experts, authors, researchers and experiencers who discuss everything from UFOs/UAPs, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Discoveries, the Future of Technology, and Space Travel, to Consciousness, Forbidden Archaeology, Non-Human Contact, Astronomy, Space Travel, Past Lives, Spirituality, Health and Wellness, and much more. Many thousands of people from around the world attend the CITD conference every year.