Gregory JM Kasunich joins the southeastern based production company, The Frame Theory for spots, branded content and music videos. Gregory is an award winning film and commercial director whose body of work includes national & global campaigns for brands such as Disney, Lucasfilm, General Mills, DirectTV, Mattel, iHeartRadio and Taylor Swift. 

Sarah Nix-Ward, the shops Executive Producer states, “we’re thrilled to have Gregory as part of The Frame Theory team. Beginning his career at Dreamworks Studio, Gregory’s deep knowledge of animation makes him well suited to direct projects that integrate both live action and animation elements. His aesthetic also brings a new diversity of style to our shop. I’m excited to introduce Gregory and  his work to our clients.” 

Gregory's work is visually stylized, musically and rhythmically driven, often times incorporating elements of animation, choreography and highly technical camera work. His work generally contains minimal dialogue and leans more into the visual aspects of storytelling in order to minimize the distance between the audience and the subject. 

Since completing his first independent feature in 2007, his narrative work has been screened and received "Best of’s" from festivals around the world including Ireland, India and Denmark. Additionally, Gregory received an Annie Award for his contributions on Dragons: Riders of Berk for Netflix.

Originally from Pittsburg, PA, Gregory is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. In his downtime he enjoys backpacking and working toward his pilots license. 

About The Frame Theory
The Frame Theory is creatively driven, boutique production house supporting a roster of talented and passionate directors. Working with leading advertising agencies, brands and media groups, The Frame Theory creates award-winning commercials, music videos and short form narrative content. 

The Frame Theory’s representation of Kasunich covers the Mid-West, South and Eastern Regions of the US.