The Executive Board of the recently launched Hollywood Disclosure Alliance has announced that the HDA has just been granted    nonprofit status with the State of California and has also been designated a 501c3 corporation with the IRS.

The new alliance, which has been designed to bring together UFO/UAP researchers, experiencers and Disclosure advocates, with Hollywood producers, writers and performers, can now receive tax deductible donations of any size, including anonymous donations. The HDA’s Donations page can be accessed  HERE

In addition, a number of high-profile people have recently joined the HDA. They include: Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine; Comic Actor/Podcaster Dave Foley; Communion Author Whitely Strieber; Comic Actor/Journalist Michael Ian Black; and Emmy Award winning UFO Researcher Linda Moulton Howe. Earlier Founding Members of the group have included such notables as Thomas Jane, Dee Wallace, George Noory, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Daniel Sheehan, Serena DC, and dozens more. Currently, the HDA has 200 members, many based internationally.

Regarding the announcements, Dan Harary, Chairman and Co-Founder of the HDA, said, “We believe we are involved in something of great importance with the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. If you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, whom you believe would consider the mission of the HDA to be worthy of a financial donation - given that our alliance connects to the most profound event in human history - DISCLOSURE - please introduce that person to the HDA. As these donations materialize, the HDA can begin to expand its mission. We will be presenting regularly scheduled networking events open to all HDA members, as well as providing a proprietary means by which all of our members can interact with each other online.”  

Adds Stephen Bassett, Veteran Disclosure Advocate, and Executive Director/Co-Founder of the HDA, “The HDA has a huge talent base capable of making excellent presentations across all media - films, TV, documentaries, books, etc., on a wide range of relevant subjects. Many such projects are currently in the works that could be showcased at future HDA events. With new donations, we will also be able to continue publishing our monthly WOW! SIGNAL Newsletter, which showcases the latest news, projects and achievements from our entire membership. Also, we are hopeful at some point soon to be presenting an annual awards dinner. By working together, we can all help to change the world and bring DISCLOSURE many steps closer to finally becoming a reality.”

Launched in November 2023, the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance has brought together a number of prominent Hollywood storytellers with many of the top UFO – or UAP – researchers, advocates and journalists in the world. The goal of the new group is to provide a more unified voice in the media leading up to and following what UAP researchers have long been waiting for – the end of the long-held U.S. government-imposed truth embargo regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life by confirmation from the President of the United States – Disclosure.

The Hollywood Disclosure Alliance (HDA,) is a nonprofit 501(c) 3, and was created and co-founded by Dan Harary, a 40-year veteran Hollywood publicist, owner of The Asbury PR Agency in Beverly Hills, and author of the 2023 science fiction novel After They Came; and Stephen Bassett, a 25-year “exopolitical activist” and founder of the Washington, DC-based Paradigm Research Group. Bassett made history in 1996 when he registered to lobby the U.S. Government regarding its policy of withholding from the American people the truth of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. It was the first such registration and soon caught the attention of the Washington Post.

The mission of the HDA is to be a “Content Creation Connector” and bridge a 77-year gap created by a government-imposed truth embargo between entertainment industry professionals and the citizen research, advocate, journalist and documentarist communities which have long been ridiculed while laboring for decades with limited resources, despite government denials and even interference. In addition to networking an expanding group of founding members, the HDA will facilitate discourse through in-person and online lectures and film/TV/documentary screenings. With successful funding, HDA hopes to produce larger events in the near future, including an annual awards ceremony and dinner.

DISCLOSURE – perhaps the most profound event in human history, is at hand. The eight billion people living on our planet have a need to know and a right to know the history leading up to this moment, and to be informed of all that will come afterwards. And yes, the global public can handle the truth.


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