Maxon, developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists, and creators of all types, is excited to announce the presenter lineup and schedule for NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, April 13 - 17 at booth SL4104.

Artists use the Maxon One suite of tools for 2D and 3D design, animation, motion graphics, filmmaking, digital sculpting, rendering, and much more. Whether artists are modeling or sculpting a new product, creating an architectural visualization, color grading a film, or creating the Oscar-winning visual effects for “Godzilla Minus One,” Maxon offers limitless creative possibilities at your fingertips.

“Maxon is a community-focused company and, as always, we’re excited to return to NAB to talk with everyone and share ideas,” says Maxon CEO, David McGavran. “Our presenter lineup includes talented artists from a diverse range of disciplines who will provide a first-hand look at some of the groundbreaking new tools and workflow improvements we’ve added to Maxon One.”

Learn From Industry Pros 

As always, the Maxon booth features presentations by creatives across a spectrum of backgrounds and members of our Maxon Training Team. Attend in person or tune in for the livestream on the Maxon YouTube channel

Presentation Highlights Include: 

  • Battle for Wu-York City: In this presentation, Jonathan Winbush will show how he's using Cinema 4D with Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) to create a new video game experience with Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.
  • Resurrecting Atlantis: Widget + UI Design in “Aquaman 2”: Fantasy User Interface Designer Robyn Haddow will show some mograph systems she designed for the Atlantean ship display, as well as textures she mapped inside the Octobot, the mech vessel piloted by Black Manta and soldiers from Necrus. 
  • Creating Board Game and Toy Commercials with Maxon Tools and Unreal Engine 5: Over two sessions, Jon "Jags" Nee will explain the basic principles of using Maxon Cinema 4D and ZBrush to bring assets and animation into Unreal Engine 5 to create commercials and high-res renders for vinyl toys and collectibles.
  • Mastering Particle Loops in After Effects: Erica Anderson covers the building blocks to creating particle loops in After Effects using Trapcode Particular to build “anything your heart desires.”
  • Creating a Sci-Fi Short Film in C4D: In this two-part presentation, Gryun Kim and Woosung Kang will provide an overview of the entire production process for making their Sci-Fi short “WAI-000,” including camera animation tips, mechanical animation, compositing with Universe, and advanced Cinema 4D techniques.

Check out the full NAB schedule on Maxon's NAB Event Page

See a Robot Go From Screen to Figurine
Ever wonder how a digital sculpt becomes something real you can hold in your hand? Stop by the Maxon booth at NAB to see a demo that turns a robot sculpted in ZBrush  into a 3D-printed figurine!

Book a Media Briefing at NAB 2024
Press are encouraged to book a one-on-one briefing and demonstration with a Maxon representative to learn more about the company’s tools and solutions for digital artists. For more information, please contact Chloe Larby at contact information below.

About Maxon
Maxon makes powerful, yet approachable software solutions for content creators working in 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, visual effects and visualization. Product lines include the award-winning Cinema 4D suite of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology; the creativity-on-the-go Forger mobile sculpting app; the diverse Red Giant lineup of revolutionary editing, motion design and filmmaking tools; the leading-edge, blazingly fast Redshift renderer; and ZBrush, the industry-standard digital sculpting and painting solution.