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Wednesday, May. 15, 2019
Review: Director Joanna Hogg's "The Souvenir"
It was only weeks before production was starting on "The Souvenir," the story goes, and British director Joanna Hogg and her friend, actress Tilda Swinton, still didn't have a lead actress. The role of Julie, an affluent, twentysomething film student in 1980s London, was loosely based on Hogg...
Wednesday, May. 1, 2019
Review: Director Jonathan Levine's  "Long Shot"
Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen make a sparkling comedic duo in the unconventional romantic comedy "Long Shot," about a sleek politician and a schlubby journalist that is more than its superficial premise. The film from director Jonathan Levine, which does its fair share of over-the-top gross-out...
Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019
Review: Directors Anthony and Joe Russo's "Avengers: Endgame"
Satisfaction is a complicated concept in Marvel Land. On the one hand, every morsel of pre-release information is obsessively poured over in feverish anticipation. But by the time the movie is coming out, a sudden hush comes over die-hard fans who, to avoid spoilers, have abandoned their phones,...
Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2019
Review: "HOMECOMING: A film by Beyoncé​"
Beyoncé is extremely private, and only lets you know what she wants you to know, when she wants you to know it — typically, in a surprise post be it on her website or Instagram. But throughout the years, she's slightly cracked open her door to reveal parts of her life and personality — apart from...
Friday, Apr. 5, 2019
The Wrecking Ball and the Music House
BANG Music + Audio Post has been a fixture in the advertising and entertainment industries for over two decades. SHOOT has known BANG’s founder, Lyle Greenfield, for all of those years--in part because of his involvement, along with industry colleagues, in the formation of the Association of Music...
Wednesday, Apr. 3, 2019
Review: Aretha Franklin Concert Film "Amazing Grace"
After many dangers, toils and snares, the long-lost Aretha Franklin concert film "Amazing Grace" has finally seen the light, and good Lord is it good. Filmed over two sessions in January 1972 at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in the Watts section of Los Angeles, it captures Franklin at...
Monday, Apr. 1, 2019
Up-and-Coming Directors: Spring Collection Hits The Runway
SHOOT ’s spring ensemble of up-and-coming directors includes a former agency creative director with comedy improv experience who’s landed her first production company roost and already some noteworthy helming gigs. Also in the mix is a filmmaker who’s made an auspicious debut in the U.S. market...
Monday, Apr. 1, 2019
Cinematographers & Cameras: Lensing "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Blinded by the Light," "Maniac," "Giant Beast"
One DP recently garnered his first career Best Cinematography BAFTA Film Award nomination. Another lensed a film which made a major splash at Sundance, was acquired by Warner Bros. and is scheduled to premiere at theaters in August. A third cinematographer recently wrapped his second Netflix series...
Monday, Apr. 1, 2019
Spring 2019 Director's Profile: Ridley Scott
A high-profile return to commercialmaking and a first foray into directing U.S. series television reflect a perennial creative thirst for storytelling on the part of an artist who’s already proven he can tell any story imaginable. Yet Sir Ridley Scott persists, recently helming via RSA Films his...
Monday, Apr. 1, 2019
Spring 2019 Director's Profile: Floyd Russ
A recently released Havas Group study found that 77 percent of consumers prefer to buy from companies with whom they share values and that want to make the world a better place. Brand activism, thus, has become a crucial part of marketing/communications strategy. This increasingly prominent...

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