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Wednesday, Sep. 25, 2019


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EOS Laboratory Comes to Life in Hyperreal Spot from Caviar’s Directing Duo Los Perez and Mekanism. The film was created using a blend of both live action footage and VFX.  Says Los Perez: “Normally we try to shoot as much as we can in-camera to achieve a very organic look. But in this particular case, we enhanced the construction of the sets via post to create the illusion that this lab was huge and magical.  In the end there is much more done in-camera than one might think, but due to the graphicness of the set designs and the colorful color palette, both approaches blended together so much that it is hard to tell what is real and what was created in post.”


eos Brand Team

CMO: Soyoung Kang
Director of Marketing: Carley Caldas

Creative Agency: Mekanism

Founder/Executive Creative Director: Ian Kovalik
Head of Creative/Design: Tom Lyons
Creative Director: Jillian Goger
Associate Creative Director: Katrina Mustakas
Sr. Copywriter: Earl Lee
Art Director: Grace Hwang
Copywriter: Connor Addario
CEO/President: Jason Harris
Head of Brand Management, East: Melissa Hill
Group Brand Director: Cassie Jackson
Brand Supervisor: Austin McDonnell
Head of Production: Kati Haberstock
Producer: Alexandra Zubak
Senior Talent & Traffic Mgr: Kourtney Luster
Head of Strategy, East: Ambika Pai
Strategy Director: Nikky Cronk
Associate Director, Communications Strategy: Chau Nhan

Head of Media: Rory O’Flaherty
Media Director: Carrie Dino
Senior Media Planner: Hunter Holbrook
Senior Media Planner: Kevin Renwick
Biddable Media Buyer / Planner: Alina Zhen 
Associate Analytics Manager: Dylan Tooch
Media Analyst, Business Intelligence: Ankit Dargad

Production Company: CAVIAR

Directors: LOS PEREZ
Executive Producer: Kim Dellara
Producer: Connor Hollman
DOP: Pau Castejon
PD: Jose Tirado
Stylist: Galiana

Service: B2Y Productions Bulgaria

Editorial: WAX

Editor: Eddie Ringer
Assistant Editor: BB Blanchard
Producer: Kelly Mackey


VFX Producer: Angeles Álvarez
VFX Coordinator: Maria Tortosa
VFX 2D Supervisor: José Rossi
VFX 3D Supervisor: Miguel Garcia-Villaraco


Colorist: James Tillet
Executive Producer: Matthew Loranger
VFX Producer: Carlos Zalapa
Color Coordinator: Sydney Sanford

Music & Sound Design by Human

Executive Producer: James Dean Wells
Creative Lead: Mike Jurasits
Composer: Ed Dunne
Sound Designer: Daryl Pinsdorf

Audio Post by Post Human 

Senior Post Producer: Craig Caniglia
Chief Mix Engineer: Sloan Alexander

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