In an exciting new venture, TwentyfourSeven and Radioaktive Film, two of Europe’s leading production service companies, today announces the launch of a dynamic new partnership in Warsaw, Poland, Eastern Europe’s most cosmopolitan production hub.

Years of friendly competition between the companies are now consolidated in a joint venture which will provide production service excellence at a cost-effective price. 

“Poland is a great complement to our current territories, we are very much looking forward to work on exciting new projects with our trusted friends and clients" said Ivo van Vollenhoven, Founding Partner TwentyfourSeven.

Darko Skulsky, Founding Partner Radioaktive, said “I'm thrilled to be on board this exciting new venture, it's something we have been talking about for a long time, and we are now finally there ready to go.”

The Warsaw team is headed by MD, Jane Yatsuta (co-owner, MD and EP of Kiev´s Radioaktive) working side by side with Executive Producer Luna Lladós (an experienced EP from 247´s Barcelona office), supported by a full-time extensive local network in Poland and their partner resources in Ukraine and Spain.  Together, they have created a solid and reliable production house to take on all types of international projects.

They’re open for business!