SMUGGLER Director Mark Molloy, Agency Alto Bring Freelancers Together For Upwork


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 11, 2021


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Upwork Inc. (Nasdaq: UPWK), the work marketplace that connects businesses with independent talent, has released a global campaign to advance how it attracts and engages with the world’s best freelancers and companies of all sizes.

Freelancing is far more the norm than ever before and the pandemic has only accelerated the trend. As companies learn to navigate the new work landscape, Upwork is setting out to solve two core problems businesses face: the constraints of work with limited resources and critical skills gaps. 

Directed by Mark Molloy of production house SMUGGLER for ad agency Alto, this film tells the story of freelancers and companies taking a leap forward to create better businesses, better careers, and better lives.

Crafted from a creative platform “Up We Go”, the film was inspired by the real stories of customers experiencing transformation in their work and lives every day via Upwork. Through the three-minute narrative, the film portrays an ambitious CEO working with her Upwork team, made up of a coder based in Hong-Kong, a designer who leaves the UK to be closer to his girlfriend in Italy, and an engineer who has left Silicon Valley and moved his family up the coast to be closer to nature and have a more well-rounded life. With an aligned vision and confidence in Upwork’s solution providing avenues for the new world of work, the CEO and her team ultimately forge ahead to success. By the film’s end, the viewer has experienced each team member’s journey and has felt the freedom that comes with flexible-work solutions.

“Upwork is a pioneer in the space with twenty years of connecting independent talent and companies and continuing to lead the new way of work, which is exactly the kind of perspective the world needs as we all navigate this massive transition,” said Hannes Ciatti, CCO and founder at Alto. “Translating their vision of better human connections and work into a wholly new brand identity and platform, and communicating it at such a vital moment is the kind of challenge we dream of solving.”


Client Upwork Agency Alto Hannes Ciatti, chief creative officer/founder; Tara Fray, head of strategy/partner; Matt Bonin, head of entertainment & production/partner; Dan Kroeger, Pierre Janneau Houllier, creative directors; Jenny Bahn, copywriter; Julia Menassa Panev, art & production director; Ben Berkon, Josh Litwhiler, exec producers; Amber Wimmer, head of digital; Paul Aaron, digital strategy director. Design Porto Rocha (design partner) Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto, creative direction; Joseph Lebus, Natalia Oledzka, design; Fionn Breen, Habin KIoh, motion design; Giordano Caldas, Rafael Morinaga, animation. Production Company SMUGGLER Mark Molloy, director; Sam Chiplin, DP; Alice Grant, line producer; Sue Yeon Ahn, exec producer. Editorial Work Editorial Neil Smith, Anne Perri, editors; Fatos Marishta, assistant editor. Color Company 3 Tom Poole, colorist. Music/Sound Barking Owl, West Los Angeles Dustin O’Halloran, composer; Kelly Bayett, creative director; Dan Flosdorf, sound designer; Ashley Benton, producer. Audio Post Barking Owl, West Los Angeles Dan Flosdorf, engineer.

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