• Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2023
KitBash3D launches Cargo
KitBash3D's Cargo
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KitBash3D, known for premium 3D assets, has just unveiled its groundbreaking new software, Cargo. Fresh off the heels of its partnership with Epic Games, announced at GDC’s State of Unreal keynote, KitBash3D continues to push the boundaries of 3D asset interoperability with Cargo. This software allows creators to easily search and filter through KitBash3D’s extensive library of over 10,000 models and materials. With just a single click, artists can seamlessly import any individual asset into popular 3D content creation tools like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, Blender, and Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

KitBash3D library assets have appeared in major film franchises, such as Dr. Strange, Black Adam, and Spider-Man, as well as hit TV shows like The Last of Us, Star Trek and Halo, and AAA gaming titles including The Last of Us Part II, NBA 2K, and The Elder Scrolls.

“As we witness the rapid evolution of digital content creation, we believe it is crucial to equip artists with tools that keep pace with their creative ambitions,” said Banks Boutté, co-CEO of KitBash3D. “This requires eliminating technical barriers by providing creators with access to the fundamental 3D building blocks--models and materials--and ensuring that those assets work with any platform.”

Cargo is KitBash3D’s response to this challenge, offering easy access to its entire fully customizable library and effortless integration with 3D software and game engines so that creators can focus on their vision without getting bogged down by the complexities of asset management and 3D data transferring. KitBash3D is looking to establish Cargo as the ultimate solution for handling the growing use of 3D data by simplifying asset management for creators. With Pixar’s Universal Screen Description at its core, Cargo is built to quickly and seamlessly move data across 3D software packages, and adapt to a user’s needs in real time.

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