Flowing with Fire


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Monday, Jul. 18, 2022


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Flowing with Fire, the new 360-degree documentary short from director Michael Gabriele and Chicago production company Daily Planet, centers on a group of Los Angeles-area artists who engage in a hypnotic form of dance combined with pyrotechnics. Viewers, equipped with virtual reality headsets or by clicking and dragging on a computer, can pan scenes and watch flow artists as they spin and twirl flaming batons. The film pays homage to a unique and mesmerizing new artform and sheds light on the life-altering effect it has on its performers. “Flow art is impressive and beautiful,” says Gabriele, “and seeing it in an immersive format is incredibly exciting. You can virtually feel the flames.”


Production: Daily Planet Productions.
Scott Marvel, Executive Producer; Michael Gabriele and Morgan Jenkins, Directors.
Edit: Michael Gabriele
Sound and Mix: Nick Bozzone
Flow Artists: Morgan Jenkins, Amanda Brewer, Katie Brunner, Miche Harrison, Erika Williams, Mari Hercher, LA Burn Club
Color Grade: Jeff Altman
Graphics:Tim Berthiaume, James Lee

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