Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Tuesday, Sep. 5, 2017


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Call us crazy, but we think nature is pretty genius. So instead of trying to outsmart nature, we work with her. All our food starts with four simple ingredients: sun, soil, rain, and grass. And never any toxic pesticides, GMOs, synthetic hormones or antibiotics.


Client: Organic Valley | Title: Call Us Crazy, But It’s Working

Agency: Humanaut Campaign Chief Creative Director: David Littlejohn, 
Chief Strategist: Andrew Clark, Agency Producer: Tommy Wilson, Account Director: Elizabeth Cates, Creative Director: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles, Copywriter: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles, Alana Questell, Design Director: Stephanie Gelabert, Art Director: Greg Dalbey, Designers: Carrie Warren, Coleson Amon, Animator: Bethany Maxfield, Project Manager: Hannah Chandler

Production Company: Humanaut Productions
Director: Dan Jacobs, Director of Photography: Sean Webley, Camera: Tyler Clements, 2nd Camera: Clovis Siemon, Producer: Demetrius Nelson, Editing/Finishing: Annie Huntington, Editing/Finishing: Tyler Beasley / Fancy Rhino,         

Media Strategy: Chris Pyne / Junction 37 | Media Buying: Amanda Liu, Christy Provines / Junction 37

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