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Chanel Miller Reclaims Ownership Of Her Story and Identity In Animated Short “I Am With You”


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019


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This animated short titled I Am With You promotes Chanel Miller’s moving book, “Know My Name,” in which she reclaims ownership of her identity and her story, which until recently was narrated by nearly everyone except for her.

Miller is a sexual assault victim who initially went by the name Emily Doe as a means to deal with her trauma. She was raped by Brock Turner at Stanford University. Turner served only 90 days in prison for the brutal attack on an incapacitated Miller.

Now she is speaking out in her memoir and with this book trailer which consists of four acts--mirroring Miller’s journey following her sexual assault. Beginning with an introduction to Emily Doe, the identity Miller assumed to cope with her trauma, the piece explores the effects of assault on a person’s sense of being and safety. It then moves to the process of discovering her own power and agency through the criminal trial and sentencing. The third act shows the strength and power as Miller begins to reclaim her identity and voice. The final act explores our shared humanity and ends with Miller delivering a message of support and love for survivors everywhere.

This short film was written and voiced by Miller with animation created from her originally drawn illustrations. Miller teamed with producer Emily Moore to direct the short which was produced by Emerald Pictures.


Creative/Production Chanel Miller, writer/illustrator/co-director; Emily Moore, director/producer. Live-Action Production Company Emerald Pictures Mara Milicevic, John Duffin, executive producers. Animation Crankbunny/Norma V. Toraya Editorial Ali Mao, editor. Music Walker Sara Matarazzo, music supervisor;  Clarice Jensen, composer

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