Director Bianca Poletti Mines “Fertile” Filmmaking Ground


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Aug. 17, 2020


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Indie director Bianca Poletti turned out this short film, Fertile, which centers on Emily who’s coming to her wit’s end while living alone during pandemic quarantine. She reluctantly agrees to go on a Zoom date with her mother’s accountant, making for a story that gives some much needed humanity, humor and wit to these challenging times.

Originally from Argentina, Poletti grew up in California and went to USC for a film education. Her filmography also includes the short How the worlds treating you that premiered at the Mammoth Film Festival. She additionally has to her credit a number of music videos.


Creative Story by Bianca Poletti & Rebecca Leigh. Rebecca Leigh, writer. Production Bianca Poletti, director; Eric Smith, DP; Nikita Belomestnykh, producer; Julie DiMartino, hair & makeup. Editorial Laura Sanford (Arcade Edit), editor; Kristen Kiertzner, edit assist. Color Michael Gossen (Company 3), colorist. Audio Troy Richert. Post Sound Peter Trepke Music Eugene Cast Laura Seay, Andrew Bering

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