Director Johan Kramer Profiles Car Designer Peter Schreyer For Hyundai


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021


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This short playful film, The Call, stars Peter Schreyer, the worldwide chief design officer of the Hyundai Motor Group. Directed by Johan Kramer via Trigger Happy Productions in Berlin (Kramer is repped in the U.S. by Chelsea Pictures) for agency Innocean Berlin and client Hyundai, this piece takes us to an Austrian mountain top, the place where Schreyer was hiking one day in 2006, when he received a call that changed his life. He was asked to come to Korea to work for the Hyundai Motor Group. 

The story that unfolds in The Call is also told in a special book, “Roots and Wings,” about the visionary designer, responsible for the births of some of the most iconic cars ever like the Audi TT, the new Volkswagen Beetle and lots of Kia, Genesis and Hyundai models. The Call delves into the achievements, design philosophy and above all the humanity of the German designer. It shows how one man helped two polarizing cultures merge to create something unique.

Kramer said of Schreyer, “It was very special to meet such a legendary designer. Peter’s legacy and love for the art form Dada gave me lots of inspiration to create this visual adventure. I thought it was important to tell not only the success story, but show also the man and his humanity as well.  To create the special and varied look, I worked closely together with young editor and animator Camille Boumans and graphic design duo FromForm; we somehow formed a dadaist movement creating this piece of communication and that was what made this project very special.” 


Client Hyundai Motor Group  Alberto Formento-Dojot, head of creative futures; Soo Jin Boehning manager creative strategy; Peter Schreyer worldwide chief design officer; Laura Rathai director, marketing. Agency Innocean Berlin Gabriel Mattar, chief creative officer, Europe; Shelley Lui, creative director; Fabian Barz, head of production; Jürgen Joppen, producer. Production Company Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin Johan Kramer, director (repped by Chelsea Pictures in U.S.); Stephan Vens, exec producer; Moritz Wiesel, Klaus Charbonnier, Lisa Mehling, producers; Douwe Hennink, DP; Johannes Ziegler, Steadicam; Claus Mayr, set design. Graphic Design & Animations FromForm Camille Boumans, editor & special effects; Delfina Mayer, colorist. Music Sounds by Thomas. Film Lab Andec Film Technik, Berlin

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