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Director Peter Thwaites Tiptoes Through The Tuliips For Gainbridge, NY Agency Bullish 


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Mar. 29, 2019


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Director Peter Thwaites of The Corner Shop teamed with NY agency Bullish Gainbridge to create a film for Gainbridge that transports viewers to 17th century tulip mania in the Netherlands, the very first financial bubble in history.  Gainbridge is a simpler, faster and more transparent way to invest with no hidden fees, so what better way to illustrate its value than by telling the story of the very first economic bubble, the frenzy over tulips.


Client Group 1001/Gainbridge Agency Bullish, Inc. NY Ben Barney, Pocket Fluet, creative directors; German Rivera Hudders, copywriter; Jake Tieman, art director; Sam Kilbreth, executive producer. Production The Corner Shop Peter Thwaites, director; Anna Hashmi, co-founder/exec producer; Nick Fewtrell, producer; Joost van Gelder, DP; Mini Bhogal, production supervisor. Production Services (Amsterdam) Halal Editorial Work Editorial Stewart Reeves, editor; Erica Thompson, exec producer; Chris Delarenal, producer; Audrey Weiner, assistant editor. VFX The Mill NY Siro Valente, 2D lead/shoot supervisor; Kyle Cody, 2D VFX supervisor; Rachael Trillo, exec producer; Danni Henderson, producer. Color The Mill LA Adam Scott, colorist. Music/Sound Design Q Department Audio Post Sonic Union David Papa, mixer.

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