MJZ's Dante Ariola Directs "Legend" For BMW, Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Feb. 15, 2019


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Directed by Dante Ariola of MJZ for Goodby Silverstein & Partners, this spot titled “Legend” introduces us not only to the X7, BMW’s first standard seven-seater, but also to the legend of Ol’ McLanden, an epic poem read by Chris Pine. As this mysterious, fictitious folk tale unfolds, McLanden braves the challenges of cityscapes, dockyards, mountains and more. McLanden conquers everyday obstacles, although these hurdles are blown up to mythical proportions. Along the way, McLanden and the X7 face and zip past a Poseidon-like city worker, a gang of apocalyptic bikers, and a mammoth construction worker wielding a jackhammer.

The X7 faces a Poseidon-like city worker, a ruthless gang of apocalyptic bikers, and a giant construction worker wielding a jackhammer. The line “Make everyday legendary” refers to just how powerful the X7 can be when partnered with equally strong drivers. In the end, it’s revealed that McLanden isn’t a larger-than-life mythological character, but that actually behind the wheel is an everyday, albeit fierce woman. 


Client BMW of North America Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, co-chairmen; Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer; Roger Baran, creative director; Stefan Copiz, art director; Andrew Bancroft, copywriter; Tod Puckett, director of production; Benton Roman, executive producer; Doug Kim, group communication strategy director; Mackenzie Beer, sr. brand strategist. Production MJZ Dante Ariola, director; David Zander, president; Eriks Krumins, sr. exec producer; Natalie Hill, producer; Kasper Tuxen, DP; Nigel Phelps, production designer; John Lowe, AD. Editorial Work Editorial Rich Orrick, editor; Theo Mercado, assistant editor; Jamie Lynn Perritt, Brandee Probasco, sr. producers; Marlo Baird, exec producer. Telecine MPC LA Mark Gethin, colorist; Meghan Lang, exec producer; Rebecca Boorsma, color producer. VFX/Finishing MPC LA Michael Gregory, creative director/shoot supervisor; Dan Seddon, shoot supervisor; Ryan McDougal, Tim Kafka, Josh Hatton, Nishanth Shrinivasa, Boyo Frederix, CG supervisors;  Toya Drechsler, lead compositor; Rodrigo Jimenez, Guillaume Weiss, Alexander Kulikov, Dylan Brown, compositors; Jason Heinze, Abhilash A, Bala Krishnan R, Geetesh Tari, Mohan Rao, Srinivas Achary, Silvia Bartoli, Sachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar, concept art/DMP; Alex Moon, previs; Srikar Balakrishnan, D. Venkatesan, Carl Edlund, Sashdy Arvelo, CG animation; Bhargavan SP, Prashanth Paramasivam, Andreu Lucio, Arnau Gilabert, Jinguang Huang, Andy Sheng, Nema Safvati, CG FX; Martino Madeddu, Sumit Kumar, Asher Stusek, CG lighting; Karen Anderson, exec producer; Christian Downes, sr. VFX producer; Justin Rogers-CdeBaca, VFX coordinator; Mireille Antoine, producer; Chris Preston-Barnes, line producer. Music Woodwork Music Philip Kay, composer; Andy Oskwarek, Sam Phillips, producers. Sound Design Trinitite Inc. Brian Emrich, sound designer. Audio Post Lime Rohan Young, mixer; Jeremy Nichols, assistant mixer; Susie Boyajan, exec producer.

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