Tool Director Wesley Walker, Root Insurance Capture Bubba Wallace’s Drive For Equality


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020


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This spot for Root Insurance features an emotionally driven, cinematic glimpse into the life of trailblazing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. 

Directed by Wesley Walker via Tool of North America, the piece focuses on Wallace’s narrative, with a voiceover that pulls from many headlines and news reports as well as real online comments. As a world-class Black-Latino athlete, Wallace has taken a lead role in speaking out against racial injustice.

“Working closely alongside Root Insurance’s creative team, we’ve crafted a film and message based in truth, meaning, and positivity,” Wesley said. “What people do not know is what it FEELS like experientially to walk this path and what it takes to stand for what is right against such intense resistance....The power of Bubba Wallace’s story is that he is standing for change and standing for what is right.”

Alex Timm, Root co-founder and CEO, said, “Getting to know Bubba Wallace and what he stands for made this partnership one that we couldn’t pass up. He is dedicated to standing up for what is right, even when it involves facing adversity. Root was created to make car insurance more fair, standing up against the established industry that priced more on demographics than driving behavior. We are proud to support Bubba Wallace.”


Client Root Insurance Kelly Ruoff, chief brand officer; Jill Neely, executive creative director; Kevin Rapp, creative director, production; Karmen Dann, creative producer. Production Company Tool of North America Wesley Walker, director and concept; Dustin Callif, president/exec producer; Nancy Hacohen, managing director/exec producer; Rob Sexton, exec producer; Amy DeLoosa, head of production; Marc Wilson, creative director; Andy Coverdale, producer; Max Goldman, DP; Richard Wright, production designer; Syahirah Mansor, coordinator. Editorial Cabin Edit Mary Church, post producer; Emma Backman, editor; Lynne Mannino, editorial producer; Rob Trent, creative director (online); Cara Lehr, exec producer (online). Telecine Company 3 Joseph Bicknell, colorist. VFX Shape + Light Arielle Weir, visual effects producer. Sound Design Sweet Justice Sound Ltd. UK Csaba Wagner, supervising sound designer/sound designer/mixer; Samuel Justice, sound designer; Graham Donnelly, Foley editor. Music Luke Atencio, UK Luke Atencio, original music.

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