Top Spot of the Week: Jay Park, Namon, Director Kyu Ha Kim Show iPad Has "Bite" When It Comes To Webtoon Music Video Creation


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022


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Apple has connected with Korean American musician Jay Park and Korean webtoon artist Namon to push the creative boundaries of iPad Pro by illustrating an entire webtoon-inspired music video for Park’s latest single, “Bite.”

The webtoon community is already using iPad to create music video-style fare. Helping to take webtoon music videos to the next level with this “Bite” clip are Park, Namon and leading Korean film director Kyu Ha Kim.
The “Bite” video--the first international installment of the “Made on iPad” campaign--pulls audiences in Korea between reality and the world of webtoons, demonstrating just what is possible with the creative power of the iPad Pro. 


Client Apple Agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Seoul Illustration Namon Production PlanIt Production Kyu Ha Kim, director

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