Directing Duo nutmeg Signs With SLMBR PRTY
Andres O'Beirne (l) and Loucas Tsilas, aka nutmeg
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Directing team nutmeg has joined SLMBR PRTY’s talent roster. The Gen-Z directing duo--consisting of childhood friends Andres O’Beirne and Loucas Tsilas--brings nearly a decade’s worth of experience in direct-to-brand collaborations, creating films, and managing social campaigns.

O’Beirne and Tsilas’ shared background growing up in the Pacific Northwest informs work that artfully explores the human connection to the natural world. Stemming from their origin story meeting on a soccer field, nutmeg is a moniker representing O’Beirne and Tsilas’ innate edginess and playful energy. Both children of immigrants, nutmeg is inherently curious and driven by an appetite for stories that depict the global human spectacle. 

Producers in their own right, O’Beirne and Tsilas are also co-founders of ALTO Visuals, a creative studio based in Los Angeles. Founded seven years ago, the direct-to-brand shop has become a de facto cultural hub for directors, photographers, and designers, producing viral work for a variety of independent brands and creating a tight-knit community for independent filmmakers. SLMBR PRTY marks nutmeg’s first production house roost outside their own company.

Their partnership with SLMBR PRTY will mark a significant stage of growth as they continue to expand their careers in advertising.  Recent nutmeg brand collaborations include such clients as Trek, Thule, Lifestraw, Scout Camper, Gore-Tex, Nice as Heck, and Specialized. 

Tsilas shared, “During our film school days, we quickly learned that nailing the prep work was the secret sauce to making the magic happen. Now, after a decade, prep is our favorite part of the filmmaking dance. Our extensive creative development and postproduction experience, combined with our ability to see things from the client’s perspective, means that our holistic understanding of the process infuses life into every project we direct. When our production day rolls around, we show up with smiles on our faces, ready to turn work into play, foster vibes of collaboration, and explore more ideas than what is even on our shot list...all in an effort to make the end product even better!”

SLMBR PRTY executive producer/partner Sarah Donnenberg said, “We were looking for a director with three things: an unexpected point of view, someone who brings culture and community to the company, and someone who has an amazing work ethic. We were lucky enough to find two! nutmeg brings a sense of modernity and style to the outdoor/adventure/lifestyle category that I have never seen before. Their fun, energetic, and dynamic shot design and performance feel completely effortless and simultaneously feel meticulously designed. On top of this, they bring a true understanding of Gen-Z culture yet have a sizable amount of direct client experience. I really respect what they have been able to accomplish running their own studio, and cannot wait to see them grow into this next phase of their career with the support of the SLMBR PRTY team.”

Kirstin VanSkiver, SLMBR PRTY head of production/partner, said, “These guys are as charming and as engaging as you would expect from their style of work. They are exceptionally hard-working and creative thinkers, not to mention fun-loving. If you work with nutmeg, you can expect a good time.” 

“Our shared ethos around community and connection made us feel right at home with SLMBR PRTY,” added O’Beirne. “It’s been a natural match, and we’re excited for our new chapter on their roster. Sarah and Kirstin’s approach to collaboration and their production expertise are a force to create with, and our best work is yet to come.”


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