Each day, 1000 people or more visit the #FameYard at Sportie LA, taking selfies in front of the latest murals. They range from tributes (LeBron James, Alex Caruso), to memorials (Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller, Kobe and Gianna Bryant), and celebrations of new music (Maroon 5 stopped by to paint their own). Visitors still arrive in droves to capture Colette Miller’s “Wings,” which adorns the entrance to the yard. But in 2020, the curators of the space decided to focus on social action, dedicating a panel to the Creative Visions Foundation, whose many programs use the power of media and the arts to affect positive social change. 

The first mural to go up is #Create #Change, created by Aaron Mostow in collaboration with Catapult World and Propeller 5. “We all have the ability to make a positive impact and change in the world,” said Mostow. “This design and mural are dedicated to inspiring the youth to focus and #Create #Change.” P5 has made the t-shirt version available on its website, with profits going to Creative Visions.

The piece originated when Propeller 5 CCO Hersh Rephun sought Mostow’s help in crafting a t-shirt graphic to be distributed as a “beginning-of-year call to action.” “We all give gifts at the end of the year and maybe we make a donation in the names of our clients and colleagues,” Rephun reflected, “but we wanted to do something at the beginning of the year with a call to action. It’s a simple open-ended message, and Aaron’s interpretation was so striking we decided to make it a mural.”

“Providing a blank canvas for street artists from different parts of the world has allowed the #FameYard to become not only an arena of self-expression, but one that helps artists convey fundamental and existential messages that impact us locally and globally,” said Sporte LA co-founder Isack Fadlon. “This dedicated panel ensures an ongoing contribution to that endeavor.”

“We hope that Aaron's brilliant mural and t-shirt design will help others create visions that can get people off their backsides to ignite positive change in the world around them!” added Creative Visions Founder Kathy Eldon.

All involved hope that the visibility of the mural, and word-of-mouth about the t-shirts will lead not only to funding for Creative Visions’ myriad programs but also to introspection.

“The most dangerous thing for opponents of progress is for everyday people to stop and think,” Rephun concluded. “Thinking leads to dreaming and envisioning - and doing. Once that ball is rolling, the sky’s the limit.”

About Propeller 5
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