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"2017 Detroit Lions Uniform Reveal"


Wednesday, May. 24, 2017


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The Detroit Lions set out to reveal their new uniforms to the world in spectacular fashion. Together with Cutters Studios, they created and produced an event like no other. Our concept was part event, part art installation. We built a massive geometric lion head sculpture as the centerpiece to the immersive experience. Our teams first modeled the head in Maya and then built and animated all of the projection maps in Cinema 4D. Finally, we composited everything in After Effects. To help visualize the whole show for approvals, we built a scale scene in 3D as well. Together with our production partners, we constructed giant two-story-high screens to project the heritage and the heart of the Lions organization. We also helped devise a themed choreographed dance routine by the Lions’ Cheerleaders. Overall, 3,500 Lions fans got to experience the show in person, while over 300,000 fans watched it all happen LIVE on the official Facebook page.


Project Name: "2017 Detroit Lions Uniform Reveal"
Event Date: April 13, 2017
Broadcast on YouTube:
Case Study Video:

Client: Detroit Lions
Senior Vice President of Business Development: Kelly Kozole
Vice President of Marketing: Emily Griffin

Production and Post: Cutters Studios Detroit
Director/Creative Director: Jason Cook
Executive Producer: Dave Peyton
Producer: James Henry
Managing Director: Kurt Kulas
Account Manager: Kim Fairman
Creative Design: Dimitri Bourdos, David Do, Brian Gustafson, Chris Jun, Nicholas Mouhot, Thuc Nguyen, Keith Slawinski, Paul Williams, Ella Yoon
Creative Editors: Darcy DiPlacido, Karl Rausch ("Now & Next" and "Reveal")
Creative Editors: Ray Straight, Jim Talbot ("Then")
Finish Editors: Liz Conger, Larry Puskar ("Then")
Colorist: Eric Maurer
Flame / Clean Up Artists: Ann Allen, Tricia Garrisi
Special Thanks: Patrick Kujawski

Sound Company: Another Country Detroit
Audio: Josh Condon, Melina Lescoe, Erik Maluchnik, Frankie Mastrangelo, Joe Philips, Jeremy Schemm, Jay Scott

Media Type: 
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