Sisley Paris - Izia La Nuit


Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021


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Hunters House, a women-owned Los Angeles-based VFX studio, releases their newest work for Sisley Paris. The project was done in collaboration with French-American director Amaro Shake and is set around 5 stages of love: falling, wonder, growth, peace & change. Shot in a majestic French chateau that was built in the mid-17th century & stood in for parts of President Snow’s mansion in the Hunger Games franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Izia La Nuit is inspired by a rose grown in Countess Isabelle d’Ornano's garden (founder of the Sisley house). This rose blooms once a year for a very short period of time. "It was important for us to capture and bring to life the beauty and essence of this flower, throughout the visuals of this campaign," says Jen Alvares, a partner at Hunters House. Hunters House specializes in VFX, CGI, & Animation, and produces campaigns for brands of all levels.


Client: Sisley Paris

Production: MayMoon Production

VFX Studio: Hunters House Entertainment Group

Director & Writer: Amaro Shake
DP: Antoine Carpentier
Model: Sonia Vasena
VO: Alma Al-Bader d'Ornano

Makeup: Damian Garozzo
Hair: Yumiko Hikage
Stylists: Corinne Lucquiaud & Damien Theurelle

Contact Name: 
Hunters House Entertainment
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