Photographer/Director Dick Patrick announces the completion of a new collection of work that focuses on New Orleans, his hometown. The piece is a 36-page, wire-bound book that combines recent photographs, personal notes, and Patrick’s childhood memories of the French Quarter to explore the essence of New Orleans.

The portfolio’s delicious images of food, light and architecture capture the soul of The Crescent City in a way that only a New Orleans native could. The book’s cover announces that, “When it’s good, it’s worth sharing. When it’s great, you must. New Orleans, my home, is a work of art.” So is this portfolio. Designed by The Matchbox Studio in Dallas, it’s a uniquely beautiful book that employs innovative printing techniques and a variety of unique papers to create a piece that is as enjoyable to touch as it is to see.

About Dick Patrick, photographer/director
Dick Patrick’s award-winning career in photography began before he could legally drive a car. He grew up in a household where photography was the family business and terms like aperture and depth of field were common vernacular.

As a native of New Orleans, Patrick’s love of Southern cooking and the unique spirit of his hometown were baked in. It was only a matter of time before these influences–food, photography, and the French Quarter–came together to create this evocative celebration of New Orleans and the food that helped make it famous.

About Paige Fletcher, chef/food stylist
Paige’s life-long appreciation and love for food began as a 16-year-old sandwich maker in a gourmet deli. A semester abroad, while earning her undergrad at Trinity University, lead to her earning the title of Chef from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. From there, years of learning the craft of food styling set the stage for Paige to start her own business.

Today she is an artist in the kitchen and on the set. Paige brings her eye for detail and her knowledge of food to studios around the country.