Today, virtually every production is packed with visual effects; sets, actors, and even performances are digitally designed or enhanced. VFX can be a powerful tool to increase production value and save money -- but time, access, and cost are barriers to this vibrant and vital creativity. Like the way Lyft has changed transportation, and ETSY the home business market, QuickFX is leading the charge for On-Demand Production by providing content producers opportunity and access a curated team of top US-based VFX talent.

Five years in development by industry experts, QuickFX gives clients their own complete VFX production management system available via the nearest laptop. Where many visual effects companies are forced to take work out of the US to cheaper labor markets, QuickFX provides its vetted artists a game-changing opportunity to collaborate and compete. Artists can live and work where and when they choose, for work/life balance, flexibility, and access to top tier projects. An award-winning, seasoned team of Hollywood effects producers and supervisors oversees each project, from quoting through delivery.

“By eliminating the need to maintain an expensive VFX facility, we are bringing down the cost for anyone making content to get quality custom VFX work for their productions, from entertainment studios and networks, to agencies, corporate and the new generation of content makers.  We are able to do this while offering our local artists a competitive rate for their work,” says Dan Schmit, Founder of QuickFX and Engine Room, who works extensively with networks, feature film productions, and advertising agencies on projects of all scale and scope.

Recognizing that today’s clients have growing VFX needs with increasingly rapid turn-around, Engine Room set out to develop a unique platform accessible via a secure interface running on Amazon’s web service (AWS). Easy access for clients, complete organization, communication and an emphasis on quality artistry, are the essential components of QuickFX.

“When you deliver to networks and studios everyday like we do,” contends Schmit, “A well-oiled artist-team has enormous value. This is the core strength of QuickFX; we have been collaborating for 16 years. We are now taking this level of experience to those who need it, but might lack knowledge of the Hollywood system, QFX teaches you how. Anyone who needs to tell a story, show how something works, or highlight a new product can do so at the highest professional level through QuickFX.”

Is QuickFX as the next evolution in VFX production? Schmit thinks so.“The concept of on-demand VFX by seasoned industry artists working locally, fundamentally changes the VFX process for the client and the artist.  From the beginning to end of production, our innovative take on the VFX business creates a new on-line framework for the industry as a whole.”

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