Since 2019, we have been accredited to submit the Best Short award-winning short films of the Official Competition supported by Sony (International, Asia International, and Japan) and Non-Fiction Competition for nomination at the Academy Awards®.

The winning short films will be online until June 30th HERE. *Country restrictions applied*

Complete List of Winners: (Live streaming is now archived at YouTube and can be seen below.)

Grand Prix – George Lucas Award
Official Competition supported by Sony Asia International Competition Best Short Award
Governor of Tokyo Award
Filipiñana by Rafael Manuel
Philippines, UK | 2020 24 min.

Official Competition supported by Sony International Competition Best Short Award
Under the Heavens by Gustavo Milan
Brazil | 2020 17 min.

Official Competition supported by Sony Japan Competition Best Short Award
Governor of Tokyo Award
Return to Toyama by Atsushi Hirai
Japan, France | 2020  24 min.

Non-Fiction Competition
Mission: Hebron by Rona Segal
Israel | 2020  23 min.

Cinematic Tokyo Competition
Governor of Tokyo Award
And Then by Jenn Ravenna Tran
USA | 2020 18 min.

Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony
viewers:1 by Daigo Hariya, Yosuke Kobayashi
Japan | 2021  5 min.

CG Animation Competition
I, Barnabé by Jean-François Lévesque
Canada | 2020  15 min.

Vertical Theater Competition supported by smash.

Best Vertical Short Award
Smahorror by Masaki Nishiyama
Japan | 2021  17 min.

Vertical Short Award
by Masumi Nishibori
Japan | 2021  23 min.

U-18 Vertical Short Award
Mistakes by Kato Kota
Japan | 2021  25 min.

U-25 Project Best Short Award
Picnic by Yuki Kusama
Japan  2021  3 min.

Biogen Award
Stairs by Zoljargal Purevdash
Mongolia  2019  12 min.

Tsurezure Kankan by Takashi Okado, Yuki Kedoin 
 Japan  2021  16 min.

Audience Award – International Competition
TRUMPET by Kevin Haefelin
Switzerland  2020 –17 min.

Audience Award – Asian International Competition
Night Bus by Joe Hsieh
Taiwan 2020  20 min.

Audience Award – Japan Competition
Empty Cream Puffs
by Shoji Yasui
Japan 2020 22 min.

Best Actor Award – International Competition
Nadir Saribacak for role in Leylak (dir. Scott Aharoni & Dennis Latos)
USA | 2020  17 min.

Best Actor Award – Asian International Competition
Lee Chae Kyung for the role in GEORGIA (dir. Jayil Pak)
South Korea  2020  25 min.

Best Actor Award – Japan Competition
Hikari Mitsushima
for the role in A Woman Who Acts (dir. Toshiyuki Teruya)  Japan  2020  19 min.