Hybrid Edit's Susan Munro won the "Best Editing Docu-Style" at the recent 2018 AICE Awards here. Munro was nominated and won for work on Girl Powered branded short for agency T3 client UPS' #WishesDelivered campaign.

In this short, we meet a 10-year-old girl, Taylor, who aspires to be a pilot. She gets her wish as she teams with a UPS pilot, Captain Dave, on a wondrous flight, filmed on location--and in the air--at the UPS Global Flight Center. At the end of the flight, the UPS pilot informs the girl that he’s slated to retire in 18 years. At that point he hopes to take his last flight with Taylor who at the age of 28 will be a full-fledged pilot. The girl is visibly moved and inspired--and her mom is most grateful to have her daughter’s wish “delivered” by UPS.

Talk about Girl Powered !
Editor and AICE award winner, Susan Munro, demonstrates her creativity and talent for storytelling this year once again. A previous AICE winner (Doritos for Super Bowl - House Sitting,) this time her pairing with female director Daniele Anastasion (Contagious LA) on Girl Powered for UPS, shows just what girl power can accomplish and brings Munro more well deserved recognition. From this dynamic duo comes an award winning piece of content that began with strong creative (agency T3) underscoring pervasive themes in our culture today; female empowerment, knowing who you are, who you are meant to be, and believing in yourself no matter what. Throw in the popular and powerful element of mentoring a young girl, and authentic emotion shared by the young pilot… all of which is beautifully illuminated by Munro’s cut, and this spot is truly a winner.

Well versed in the documentary genre, Munro counts several feature length docs amongst her long list of editorial credits in commercials, branded content, and narrative feature film, including the award winning documentary, A Place To Live.

For anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing or working with Susan Munro, Founder of LA based and woman owned Hybrid Edit (Collective,) they have seen up close that the power this particular girl possesses is limitless. Cloaked in an invisible cape of her own, she is armed with a few different super powers... for sure.

This year’s 2018 AICE award ceremony was held in Los Angeles on May 10th.

Congratulations, girl. You rock!