A Tool Tutorial: “How To Get Jobs on Upwork”


Robert Goldrich
Monday, May. 22, 2023


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Tool has created an animated series aimed at empowering freelancers with valuable insights for Upwork, the freelance talent marketplace.

The brief from Upwork was to help them create an educational series providing tips on how to be a successful freelancer, while making it entertaining and fun.  

To make this stand out, Tool chose to transform real-life freelancers into illustrated characters and animated them, instead of showing docu-style, “talking heads” on camera. 

Rolling out this summer, this three video series will live on YouTube and cover topics like appropriate rates, acquiring essential skills for becoming a successful freelancer, and securing job opportunities on the Upwork platform.

This is the first video in the series. Reinforcing Upwork’s brand belief that work should free human potential instead of limit it, “This Is How To Get Jobs on Upwork” covers how profiles, proposals, and client relationships are important to all freelancers.

The series was designed to showcase the experiences of distinguished freelancers, who generously shared their stories to help guide others in navigating the highly competitive landscape of the freelancing industry.

Five freelancers were selected for in-depth discussions after Upwork conducted an extensive array of remote interviews on a global scale.

Assorted occupations are featured in the series to include: Publicist, voice actor, strategic growth consultant, and photographer. 

Upwork and Tool then conducted an extensive series of remote interviews with illustrators across the globe to select five exceptional individuals to assist in the design of characters and scenes for the five chosen freelancers.

Upwork carefully evaluated the personalities and unique attributes of the freelance talent like energetic and strategic thinking, selecting objects like a cup of tea or No2 Pencil that would best represent them in animation. 

Tool then transitioned to the animatics stage of the project. Instead of relying solely on static storyboards, the team decided to employ animatics (dynamic storyboards).

Tool utilized the illustrations provided by the illustrators and incorporated them into their animatics. This method offered a comprehensive visual representation of the material, allowing the team to meticulously assess and enhance aspects such as narrative structure, pacing, and timing.

“Our team loved the creative challenge to turn an educational video on its head and make this fun and visually stand-out. We appreciate the team at Upwork being bold and trusting us with this!” said Dustin Callif,president of Tool.

The second and third videos in this series will be released on YouTube later this summer.


Client Upwork Jibrael Younes, executive producer; Antonio Riggins, creative producer; Anna Schaefer, associate creative director; Zack Patterson, motion graphic designer; Dave Gonsalves, Nick Scarlet, creative directors; Frisco Chavez, director-multimedia enablement; Myra Pervez, art director; Priscilla Siwan, creative project manager; Stephanie Munoz, design director; Adam Alshin, creative director-writer.  Production/Creative Tool Dustin Callif, president/executive producer; Kaili Kubpart, head of production; Kimberlee Mar, producer; Ezra Paulekas, creative director; Sophie Langhor, animation team lead; Renee Massie, casting director; Steve Courtney, Michael Moore, editors; Mikey Burton, designer. Sound Design One Union Jasmine Johnson, production coordinator. Upwork Freelancers Gabrielle P., Ed B., Kaitlyn C., Rob A., Farah P. Upwork Illustrators Alina Shulhouskaya, Anthony Orozco, Jasone Warne, Studio Muti, Lex van Tol

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