Home Cocktail Class... The Manhattan!


Tuesday, May. 5, 2020


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First up on the Home Cocktail Class series... the Manhattan! P.S.  Just ran out of tik tok time so don’t forget to add your cherry!

Casey Clark (Killer Unknown, The Music Man) gives a quick lesson on how to make a killer Manhattan.

When not performing in the theatre/film, Casey is the Bar Manager & a Bartender at @jaspersbackyard in suburban Philadelphia.

"The world is experiencing some very hard times right now. Hospitality is one of the industries that has obviously taken a huge hit. Most hospitality professionals are currently out of work. I’m so happy to see our industry sharing their creativity and passion in other ways, through home videos, sharing cocktails, virtual classes, etc. I’m excited for when we are on the other side of this!"

Until then, there are many ways you can help these talented individuals if you are in a place to give. 


Produced by Casey Clark

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