"Now You See Us" Official Trailer


Friday, Nov. 12, 2021


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Now You See Us was directed and adapted for the screen by Award-Winning Director/Screenwriter and SHOOT NDS 2014 Honoree Romina Schwedler (The Visit, How a Man Gets Ready), and based on the short play Boom by Barbara Miluski who is also a producer and one of the stars of the film.

An absolute must-see, Romina Schwedler’s entertaining while socially relevant film has screened at numerous festivals of note such as Oscar® Qualifying Cinequest, HollyShorts and St. Louis International Film Festival; AFMX, NY Women in Film & Television Shorts Festival, Vail Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival and Seattle Film Summit among others, collecting multiple awards and nominations along the way, including Best Short Film, Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score and Audience Awards.


FULL CAST | Barb - Barbara Miluski, Caroline - Caroline Ryburn, Electrician - Leema Mitchell, New Actress - Rochelle Slovin

DIRECTOR | Romina Schwedler

PRODUCERS | Executive Producers - Barbara Miluski, Jonathan Hazan, Producer/ Line Producer - Michelle Polanco, Co-Producers - Danna Kinsky, Romina Schwedler, Associate Producers - Alan J. Carmona, Bianka WidaKay, Susan Rafter

WRITERS | Play - Barbara Miluski, Adapted Screenplay - Romina Schwedler

ORIGINAL SCORE | Itamar Ben Zimra

FULL CREW | Cinematographer - Danna Kinsky, First Assistant Director - Maca Carrizosa, Sound Mixer - Ash Knowlton, Script Supervisor - Mavis Martin, Gaffer - Olivia Kimmel, First Camera Assistant - Diana Rodriguez, Grips & Electrics - Anna Vyaches, Rui Arichika, Production Assistant - Adalina Aladro, Sound Design - Cory Choy, Ash Knowlton, Luke Allen/ SILVER SOUND, Colorist - Jenny Montgomery/ COMPANY 3, VFX Artists - Eddie Lebron, Shaun Ryan, Additional Photography - Alan J. Carmona, BTS Photography - Adalina Aladro, BTS Video - Bianka WidaKay, Editor - Romina Schwedler, Makeup & Hair - Mollie Parks, Graphic Design - Rachel Freeman-Lev, Social Media - Rachel Freeman-Lev, Dora J. Friedman

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