Top Spot of the Week: W+K, Psyop, Sun Creature Team On More Slight Exaggeration For Travel Oregon


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Apr. 11, 2019


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Inspired by the viral success of the "Only Slightly Exaggerated" campaign last spring, Travel Oregon is launching part two of the animated campaign that gives viewers a creative glimpse of the magical feeling of being in Oregon.

From Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Ore., and directed by Kylie Matulick and Todd Mueller of Psyop, the new animation video continues the visual narrative, showcasing different locations, experiences and thrilling adventures in Oregon—from venturing deep into the Oregon Caves National Monument to paragliding over the Steens Mountain. Like the original, this new video features a cast of animated human characters, native flora and fauna and new fantastical beings, including mystical cloud-people and a sea-stack creature, to name a few.

In addition to the sweeping outdoor animated imagery highlighted in the video, the viewer also gets a taste of Oregon’s culinary bounty. In the restaurant scene, look for the bottle of Oregon Solidarity wine, a nod to the real-life collaboration between four Oregon wineries who came together to help the Rouge Valley wine region that was affected by the Southern Oregon wildfires last summer.

Animation was from Psyop and Sun Creature Studios, with a musical score by Jim Dooley.

“Our goal with Only Slightly Exaggerated, both last year and this year, is to visualize the emotional experience of visiting Oregon. By using animation, we are able to capture experiences that go beyond traditional travel films, while also feeling unique to our state, said Ansel Wallenfang, creative at Wieden+Kennedy.

The Oregon Tourism Commission, dba Travel Oregon, works to enhance visitors’ experiences by providing information, resources and trip planning tools that inspire travel and consistently convey the exceptional quality of Oregon. The commission aims to improve Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening the economic impacts of the state’s $11.8 billion tourism industry that employs more than 112,000 Oregonians. 


Client Travel Oregon Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin, executive creative directors; Ansel Wallenfang, writer; Nick Stokes, art director; Matt Hunnicutt, director of production; Heather Smith-Harvey, executive producer; Nicole Kaptur, producer; Amy Streger, design producer; Denny Robles, studio designer; Amy Ellars, retoucher/3D artist. Production Psyop Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller, directors; Neysa Horsburgh, managing director; Shannon Alexander, exec producer; Drew Bourneuf, head of production; Nick Read, producer; Lusia Share, finishing producer; Codey Lombardi, assistant producer; Ryan Raith, 2D supervisor, compositor; Judah Dobin, Max Forward, storyboard artists; CJ Cook, Tommy Wooh, compositing; Kim Stevenson, Flame artist; John Saint-Buzon, Flame assistant; Volkert Besseling, Brett Nicoletti, editors.  2D Animation Sun Creature Studios Bo Juhl Nielsen, exec producer; Guillaume Dousse, exec producer, art director; Thomas Fenger, line producer; Billie Segal, production manager; Simon Lee Bresling, art director; Birk Von Brockdorff, development art director; Cyrille Chauvin, lead designer; Mourad Elias Seddiki, animation supervisor; Martin Sand Vallespir, background & layout supervisor; Andreas Severin, comp supervisor; Thibaud Petitpas, FX supervisor; Kay Sales, clean-up lead; Arnaud Tribout, storyboard; Arnaud Tribout, Pierre Rütz, Charles Badiller, Xavier Ramonède, Sandrine Han Jin Kuang, layout posing; Gabrielle Locre, Victoria Jardine, Birk Von Brockdorff, compositing; Matthew Vince, Artur Sadlos, Faustine Dumontier, Simon Masse, Sylvain Fabre, background; Pierre Rütz, CharlesBadiller, XavierRamonède, Arnaud Tribout, Sandrine, Han Jin Kuang, Uriel Mimran, Diane Tran-Duc, animation; Olivier Malric, Rachid Guendouze, Ines Scheiber, Xavi Siria, FX animation; Henrik Langergaard, 3D generalist; Mapie Demessant, Joanna Boyle, Friedrich Schäper, Till Machmer, Aleksandra Krechman, Nawell Sdiri, Rocio García Ledo, Tatiana Mazzei, Drude Mangaard, Aida Slamnjakovic, Michelle Chang, Christina Susanna Nerland, Helen Michael, clean-up; Frederik Troels-Smith, Mie Pedersen, Kay Sales, Mapie Demessant, Aleksandra Krechman, Friedrich Schäper, Till Machmer, Michelle Chang, Aida Slamnjakovic, color;  Charles Badiller, Louise Hovgård, Mapie Demessant, Frederik Troels-Smith, Kay Sales, Friedrich Schäper, Till Machmer, Nawell Sdiri, Diane Tran-Duc, Xavi Siria, Viviane Guimaraes, Sarah Simon, color detail. Music James Dooley, composer; Tim Davies, orchestrator; Steve Kaplan, mixer. Sound Design Lime/LSD Matt Miller, sound designer; Lisa Mermelstein, audio assistant; Susie Boyajan, exec producer; Kayla Phungglan, producer. Audio Post Lime Matt Miller, mixer; Lisa Mermelstein, audio assist; Susie Boyajan, exec producer; Kayla Phungglan, producer.

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